Toyota reaffirms plans concerning hydrogen fuel

October 3, 2013 0 By John Max

Challenges facing hydrogen fuel create doubt among some consumers

Hydrogen fuel has been gaining momentum in the transportation world, but there are many challenges that are making its incorporation difficult. The lack of a comprehensive, worldwide infrastructure and the high cost of fuel cell technology are only two of the major barriers that exist between hydrogen fuel and the transportation sector. These challenges are not easy to overcome, which has caused some to question whether automakers have the fortitude to continue working to bring hydrogen-powered vehicles to the commercial market.

Toyota shows support for fuel cell technology

This week, Toyota has reaffirmed its commitment to developing and releasing a hydrogen-powered vehicle in 2015. Toyota chairman Takeshi Uchiyama, whom pioneered the Prius, has been overseeing the development of the automaker’s hydrogen-powered sedan. The chairman claims that he is firmly behind the technology that is going into the vehicle and believes that Toyota can reach its 2015 deadline without any trouble. The automaker expects to launch its hydrogen-powered sedan in the U.S. by 2015 at the cost of $50,000.

Toyota Hydrogen Fuel CarGovernment subsidies may help offset the cost of fuel cell vehicles

While Toyota’s vehicle may be more expensive than its more conventional counterparts, those interested in purchasing the vehicle are likely to be eligible for subsidies from the U.S. government. These subsidies are meant to offset the cost of hydrogen-powered vehicles, making them more attractive to consumers as well as more accessible. While these subsidies may help solve the problem of cost, Toyota must still contend with the lack of a comprehensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure in the U.S. market.

Toyota invests in infrastructure

In California, which is considered a priority market for the auto industry, both the state and federal governments are working to build new hydrogen fuel stations. These efforts are being supported by investments from the auto industry. Toyota is only one of the companies working to develop a stable hydrogen fuel infrastructure in the state and has also been investing in the infrastructure of other countries where it plans to launch its hydrogen-powered vehicles.

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