Toyota Spain and Gamesa partner to promote electric vehicles

Toyota Spain and Gamesa partner to promote electric vehicles

April 29, 2012 0 By Tami Hood

Advancement of electric vehicle technology is a key part of the partnership

Toyota Spain has partnered with Gamesa, a manufacturer and developer of wind turbines, in an effort to promote electric vehicles throughout Spain. The two companies have a firm belief in alternative energy and its future amongst consumers. Part of this interest is founded in economics, which suggests that the adoption of alternative energy could mean significant savings on energy and fuel costs. While the partnership will not seek to put this particular aspect of alternative energy to the test, the duo will attempt to make electric vehicles more appealing to consumers by making them more affordable.

Gamesa to use data provided by Toyota to make improvements to technology

Toyota will be supplying Gamesa with one of its hybrid electric vehicles, which will be used in a six-month trial that will determine the performance of the vehicle’s technology. Gamesa will examine the vehicle to determine the limitations of its technology and attempt to find ways to make improvements where it may be lacking. Charging requirements are expected to garner a great deal of focus during the trail. Charging has been highlighted as a concern amongst drivers as charging can, at times, take several hours to complete.

Partnership is part of Spain’s Movele initiative

This data will be shared with Toyota Spain, who will attempt to apply the findings of Gamesa and produce a more effective electric vehicle or energy system for existing vehicles. This data will also be sent to the Spanish Institute for Energy Diversification and Savings, and will be used as part of the Movele initiative. The initiative itself aims to promote electric vehicles throughout the country. Toyota expects that the trial period will produce useful results that could help in unlocking the future of alternative energy transportation.

Electric vehicles to be promoted alongside their hydrogen counterparts

Most of the auto industry is currently focused on developing and promoting hydrogen fuel. Toyota is included in this effort, but the automaker is not inclined to abandon its other ventures in the world of battery electrics and hybrid technology. As such, the company is working to advance electric vehicles as well as those powered by hydrogen fuel. Both types of vehicles are expected to play a large role in the future of transportation.

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