Uber has interest in electric vehicles from Tesla

August 11, 2015 1 By Erin Kilgore

Uber may be interested in purchasing 500,000 electric vehicles that are fully autonomous

Famed ride-share company Uber may be interested in purchasing electric vehicles from Tesla Motors. Steve Jurvetson, an early investor in Tesla and a current board member of the company, has said that Uber’s CEO has shown significant interest in the company’s vehicles. According to Jurvetson, Uber may be interested in purchasing 500,000 electric vehicles from Tesla if the automaker can make these vehicles completed autonomous by 2020.

Autonomous vehicles could have a major impact on the insurance industry

Self-driving vehicles are beginning to gain prominence in the auto industry. These vehicles have yet to see any commercialization, as they are currently being tested by organizations like Google. Self-driving vehicles have the potential to be a major disruptive force when it comes to things like auto insurance, which may be why Uber is showing such interest in them. Uber has been fighting issues concerning the insurance coverage they provide their drivers. Self-driving cars are not subject to human error, which causes the vast majority of auto accidents.

Tesla sees some promise in self-driving vehicles

Tesla Motors - Electric VehiclesTesla has already established a very powerful presence in the auto industry and is often called a disruptor because of its electric vehicles. The automaker believes that automated vehicles are significantly safer than those being operated by people. Tesla can make these vehicles environmentally friendly, as well, leveraging the power of their battery technology. Uber is interested in electric vehicles, as it wants to become more environmentally friendly in order to continue competing in markets where emission regulations are growing stricter.

Electric vehicles of all types continue to gain popularity

Many in the auto industry believe that fully autonomous vehicles will be viable within the next 15 years. Consumers may be interested in these vehicles if they can be shown to be safe. Electric vehicles may also be somewhat inexpensive, which will add to the attractiveness of self-driving cars. Time will tell whether or not Tesla will decide to make such vehicles and if Uber’s apparent interest in them will remain strong.

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