UK needs strong policies to support renewable energy

July 13, 2015 0 By Tami Hood

Study suggests that more aggressive policies are needed in order to ensure the success of clean energy goals

The United Kingdom will require an “ambitious policy package” if it intends to succeed in its efforts to reduce carbon emissions and embrace renewable energy. According to researchers from the University College London, government policies are a vital part of changing the way the country supports clean energy and sustainability efforts. Currently, however, these policies may be falling short, presenting the UK with a problem concerning successfully reducing emissions and helping the clean energy space thrive.

Decarbonization efforts can be augmented by new government policies

The study from the university suggests that the UK government is capable of taking decarbonization efforts to a new level. In order to do so, however, stronger policies must be put in place as soon as possible. These policies would provide more aggressive support for the country’s renewable energy sector and help foster fundamental changes in the way the country produces electrical power in the coming years.

UK will have to reduce its consumption of fossil-fuels by 70% by 2050

Renewable Energy  SupportThe UK had lofty goals when it comes to reducing carbon emissions. The study suggests that, in order to meet these goals, the energy sector must decarbonize by 85% to 90% by 2030. This will be an essential step in promoting the adoption of clean energy across many sectors. The country must also place more focus on carbon capture and storage technologies, which will further aid in the significant reduction of emissions. Notably, the most effective way to reduce emissions would be to reduce the consumption of fossil-fuels in most sectors by 70% by 2050.

Introduction of new policies could be difficult due to political climate

The government plays a commanding role in the renewable energy space. Without introducing new policies, the government may not be able to reach its clean energy and sustainability goals in the coming years, which could become a problem, as the UK has expressed some concern over the potential effects of climate change. Introducing new policies to support renewable energy can be difficult, however, due to the political nature of energy.

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