New initiative aims to promote solar energy adoption

July 13, 2015 0 By Stephen Vagus

Federal government wants to make solar power more accessible

The Obama Administration has announced several new measures that are meant to expand access to solar energy. While the country’s solar capacity is growing quickly, many people still do not have access to this form of clean power. Cost is one of the most significant barriers preventing the adoption f solar power. The federal government has plans to mitigate this barrier and make it easier for a wider range of consumers to make use of solar energy.

Community solar projects to gain support through new initiative

One of the measures that the government is launching has to do with supporting the growth of community solar energy projects. These projects involve people sharing the electricity generated by a single solar energy project. For communities interested in clean energy, these projects can be an inexpensive solution. The initiative launched by the federal government is meant to support community solar projects that serve low-and-middle-income households, thereby making solar power more accessible.

Subsidized housing developments will become more environmentally friendly

Solar Energy AdoptionThe federal government has also pledged to install as much as 300 megawatts of renewable energy capacity in subsidized housing developments by 2020. This will reduce the reliance that these housing developments have on existing energy grids. These housing developments will also become more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Installing more clean energy capacity may be an expensive endeavor, but the savings associated with doing so may be worth the effort.

Solar energy continues to see strong growth in the United States

Solar energy is expected to become one of the most prominent power sources in the United States in the coming years. The government is currently supporting a wide variety of clean energy solutions, but it has begun showing more support for solar power. This is largely due to the rapidly falling cost of photovoltaic technologies, which has made it easier to adopt solar energy, especially among homeowners. While solar is making significant strides in the United States, wind energy continues to show the most growth. This is because wind projects tend to be larger and can generate more electrical power than conventionally designed solar projects.

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