VERDE HYDROGEN Announces Certification of  the World’s Largest Containerized Electrolyzer

VERDE HYDROGEN Announces Certification of the World’s Largest Containerized Electrolyzer

March 21, 2023 3 By Press Release

VERDE HYDROGEN, a new US based Hydrogen Technology company has announced that the VERDE-1000, a 5MW Single Stack Containerized Hydrogen Production System has passed a 3rd party test and certification to validate its best-in-class energy efficiency and performance. 

The fully commercialized VERDE-1000 Hydrogen Electrolyzer, with its modular and containerized design, is the largest 5MW, single stack, alkaline type water electrolysis system in the world.  The VERDE-1000 features US patented advanced water electrolysis hydrogen production technology, with up to 1200Nm3/h (2500kg/day) hydrogen capacity. The purity can reach 99.999% after the purification and drying process, and the maximum output pressure is 1.6 MPa.

The systems can be built up in modules of up to 20MW with a shared balance of plant, which can thenhydrogen news ebook be expanded from 100s of MW to GW-scale. The new system adopts an intuitive modular design, which only takes on average a few weeks to be installed which cuts the installation time by 80% when compared to traditional hydrogen plants, reducing the initial investment and labor costs. The unique containerized and modular design with fully automatic controls ensures lower energy consumption, optimized intelligence and integration, and the highest safety standards when compared to traditional systems. The containerized design enables the electrolyzer to work in a variety of harsh and unstable environments. The system will not only be used for industrial hydrogen supply but also will be used for Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCVs) refueling. 

Verde Hydrogen Largest Containerized Electrolyzer

VERDE’s CEO Steve Cameron states that “this new model (VERDE – 1000) will continue to put VERDE at the forefront in support of the massive Global opportunity for new Electrolyzer technology in the coming years. Our R&D team continues to evolve the technology with best-in-class operating performance metrics.”

VERDE HYDROGEN is a proven global leader in the transition to CARBON ZERO hydrogen solutions. The company offers fully commercialized state-of-the-art Hydrogen Electrolyzers – that include the world’s largest containerized single-stack electrolyzer to a multi-GW hydrogen electrolyzer combination.  Over the past few years, VERDE HYDROGEN’s R & D team has developed many breakthrough technologies. Besides the patented hydrogen electrolyzers, it also offers a variety of Hydrogen Refueling Stations from containerized refueling stations to 3-in-1 cabinet refueling stations, and the VERDE Analytics Platform.

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