Waste Not, Want Not

February 26, 2011 0 By Alicia Moore

Renewable energy is at the forefront of environmental concerns.

Waste Not, Want Not - Renewable Energy

Organizations around the world are advocating the use of hydrogen to lead the transition from fossil-fuels. Hydrogen is one of the most reliable sources of energy and the most abundant known element. Fuel cells are the primary medium through which hydrogen power is generated. Producing the fuel cells comes with significant drawbacks, however, as they are made from, and utilize, costly materials.

Advances are being made to make hydrogen fuel more viable, and Pilus Energy may have found a way to provide renewable hydrogen production that utilizes waste to generate clean, low cost energy.

Ohio based Pilus Energy has announced a partnership with Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies in Singapore to produce hydrogen fuel cells that Pilus will use for its new bioreactor system.

The system is designed to be used as an external hydrogen supply for off-grid locations. Bioreactors use waste or wastewater as feedstock to generate bio-hydrogen. The process proves to be the most eco-friendly method for producing hydrogen to date. Hydrogen production produces no waste itself, and by using waste as a catalyst, bioreactors are cleaning up the environment as well.

“Our goal is to offer complete fuel cell power solutions to our clients,” says Taras Wankewycz, founder and chief marketing officer of Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies. The system was inspired by the need for reliable hydrogen supplies in remote locations.

As the world begins to commit to the transition away from fossil-fuels, new advances in technologies will prove vital to real change.

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