Westinghouse Solar launches new line of DIY solar panels for intrepid homeowners

Westinghouse Solar launches new line of DIY solar panels for intrepid homeowners

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October 13, 2011 0 By John Max

As the technologies behind alternative energy become more advanced they are driving down the cost of sustainable living.

This bodes well for consumers as they will be afforded new access to such fuels in the future. Westinghouse Solar, a division of the Westinghouse Electric Company, has launched a new line of residential solar panels that are designed to be far less expensive than conventional models. The reason these panels are so affordable is because they can be installed by a homeowner without any help from a third party.

The do-it-yourself panels are an attempt to get homeowners more involved in the machinations of alternative energy. Westinghouse is selling installation kits which come fully loaded with everything needed to install the solar panels.

Company officials believe that the kits will help homeowners save money on installation and get an intimate understanding of how the panels are installed, enabling them to fix any future problems.

Westinghouse does, however, advice homeowners to seek the services of a licensed electrician when it comes to wiring to ensure that the system adheres to regulations.

Solar energy is quickly becoming the favored way to power residencies around the country. While solar panels are often criticized for being inefficient, they can still harvest enough energy from the sun to generate adequate amounts of electricity to satisfy the needs of most homeowners.