Wind energy projects may be limited in Peru

May 8, 2014 0 By Stephen Vagus

Wind Energy - Wind Turbines

Lawmakers in Peru begin to consider introducing limitations to large-scale wind power projects throughout the country

Lawmakers in Peru are set to vote on potential limitations for the country’s wind energy sector. Developers in Peru are pushing ahead with their plans to build large-scale, commercial projects that could provide a large amount of electrical power to communities throughout the country. The Peruvian government is somewhat opposed to the idea of large-scale projects because it favors projects that focus on on-site energy distribution and consumption. Moreover, some Peruvian officials have expressed concerns over the environmental impact of wind turbines themselves, suggesting that erecting these turbines could damage the local environment.

Previous government measure failed due to public support of wind power

Last year, the government moved to restrict the development of most wind projects taking root in the country. This initiative failed, however, due to the public believing that it would lead to the collapse of wind energy throughout the entirety of Peru. Now, the government is focusing on limiting the development of large-scale projects. The government intends to promote the use of small-scale wind energy systems among homeowners, with slightly larger projects providing electrical power to whole communities.

Large-scale project could threaten country’s cultural heritage sites

Peru has a strong interest in clean energy, but also intends to preserve its environment and cultural heritage. Peru is home to the Nazca Lines and several other geographic oddities. The development of new energy systems requires land, and the country is wary of providing access to its land resources if projects could potentially damage cultural sites. Small-scale projects have little environmental impact and are, therefore, being considered a more attractive solution to Peru’s energy needs.

Peru will not block all large-scale projects that seek to take root in the country

If Peru opts to restrict the development of large-scale projects, some energy developers may take their projects to other countries. Large-scale projects would still be able to find a home in Peru, but these projects would have to meet several stipulations that would determine whether or not they were necessary. If these large-scale projects are deemed worthy, they would receive some support from the country’s government.

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