Worley and Shell Pioneer World’s Major Hydrogen Project in Renewable Energy

Worley and Shell Pioneer World’s Major Hydrogen Project in Renewable Energy

March 11, 2024 0 By Erin Kilgore

In a significant advancement for renewable energy technology and sustainability within the energy sector, Worley, a leader in global energy engineering services, has announced collaboration with Shell to establish what will be Europe’s largest commercial renewable hydrogen project to date.

Pioneering Change in the Energy Landscape with Hydrogen Project

Set in the bustling Port of Rotterdam, the Holland Hydrogen I (HH1) project is a game-changer in the production and application of green hydrogen. Shell aims to produce approximately 60,000 kg of hydrogen daily using a 200MW electrolyser powered by green energy from a dedicated offshore wind farm – a substantial step towards decarbonizing heavy transportation and refining processes.

This groundbreaking initiative, anticipated to reach completion by 2025, not only promises a reduction in carbon emissions but also signals a pivot in the energy market towards more sustainable fuel sources for industrial use and transportation.

Merging Expertise for a Sustainable Future

Worley’s expertise is summoned to provide critical construction management support, integrating services with key vendors and linking the electrolyser with existing assets, including pipelines, electrical grids, and refineries. This global collaboration draws on Worley’s offices in The Hague and their Global Integrated Delivery team in Mumbai, along with their cadre of hydrogen specialists.

“Partnering with industry stalwart Shell on the HH1 project allows us to demonstrate our commitment to delivering sustainable energy solutions,” commented a representative from Worley. “Our role is to ensure seamless construction and integration to bring this visionary project to life.”

Port of Rotterdam hydrogen project

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A Project of Mammoth Environmental Implications

HH1 is strategically positioned to revolutionize the supply chain of renewable energy. By partially offsetting the grey hydrogen usage with green hydrogen at the Shell Energy and Chemicals Park Rotterdam, the project aims to significantly decrease greenhouse gas emissions from the production of petroleum-based products.

“This project stands out as an exemplar for investment and innovation in renewable energies,” said a spokesperson for Shell. “HH1 represents a tangible stride in our net-zero emissions target and our broader transition to greener energy sources.”

Marking Milestones

Initially announced in the visionary year of 2022, the Holland Hydrogen I project laid down ambitious plans set for completion by 2025. Despite the complexities and challenges inherent in pioneering such a grand-scale renewable energy endeavor, there have been no reported deviations from the expected timeline.

At its commencement, this colossal establishment will have the capacity to power an equivalent of 2,300 hydrogen trucks, offering a stark reduction in life-cycle carbon emissions when juxtaposed with their diesel counterparts.

Addressing Air Quality Through Renewable Hydrogen Trucks

The shift towards utilizing renewable hydrogen in transportation, particularly in heavy-duty trucks, marks a substantial leap forward in combating air pollution and improving air quality. To put this into perspective, consider the environmental impact of traditional diesel trucks. On a life-cycle basis, diesel fuel exhibits a notably high carbon footprint—combusting just one gallon of diesel releases 22.44 pounds (10,180 grams) of CO2, and traveling a single mile emits on average 404 grams of CO2. These emissions significantly contribute to air quality degradation and the acceleration of climate change.

In stark contrast, trucks powered by green hydrogen from projects like HH1 emit nothing but water vapor, presenting a clean alternative that holds the potential to revolutionize the transportation sector. By replacing diesel trucks with those fueled by renewable hydrogen, we can significantly reduce the volume of harmful emissions released into our atmosphere. This not only aids in reaching carbon neutrality goals but also plays a crucial role in creating healthier, more sustainable urban environments free from the smog and pollutants associated with diesel combustion.

In Other Hydrogen News Today for the Busy Engineering Company

Air Products Awards Module Fabrication Agreement to Worleyhydrogen news ebook

In a stride towards cleaner energy solutions, Air Products Canada Ltd. has entrusted Worley with a crucial agreement to provide procurement, fabrication, and modularization services for its upcoming Net-Zero Hydrogen Energy Complex located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This ambitious project by Air Products aims for a groundbreaking accomplishment in the clean energy sector, promising to produce hydrogen with net-zero emissions. Central to this endeavor is the capture and permanent sequestration of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Expected to be a lynchpin in positioning Alberta as the heart of western Canada’s burgeoning hydrogen economy, this initiative stands on the cutting edge of clean energy technology. Under the agreement, Worley’s Edmonton modularization yard will play a pivotal role, leveraging its proximity to the Net-Zero Hydrogen Energy Complex. The facility is tasked with fabricating and assembling an array of process and pipe rack modules. Notably, it will incorporate sophisticated technologies, including automated pipe-cutting techniques and robotic welding.

Assessing Worley’s Contributions to Hydrogen Energy Expansion

Worley’s involvement in various hydrogen projects underscores its engagement with renewable energy initiatives and its participation in the broader move towards hydrogen as a fuel source. The company’s role, particularly in project management, construction, and technological integration, highlights its technical and logistical capabilities. Through collaborations with key industry players like Shell and Air Products, Worley is strategically positioning itself within the hydrogen energy sector.

*Main Image Credit: depositphotos.com

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