Fuel cell technology acquired by Global Resource Energy

Fuel cell technology acquired by Global Resource Energy

July 16, 2012 0 By Tami Hood

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Industry

Company announces the acquisition of patented fuel cell technology

Global Resource Energy Inc., a development-stage company focused on clean technology, has announced that it has acquired innovative hydrogen fuel cell technologies from Atrius Holdings. The company has finalized a commercial assignment agreement which will allow it to assume ownership of Atrius Holdings’ patented hydrogen fuel cell technology, such as the MyCroft Hydrogen R-LEG Fuel Cell. The acquisition could help boos Global’s position in the fuel cell industry and enable the company to make progress on the development of more advanced fuel cell technologies.

MyCroft system uses hydrogen as a catalyst

The MyCroft fuel cell technology, in particular, is garnering a great deal of Global’s interest. The fuel cell is quite different from its conventional cousins in that it uses hydrogen as a catalyst rather than a fuel source. The fuel cell is designed to use mechanical action rather than chemical reaction to generate energy. According to Global, early studies of the technology conducted by Atrius Holdings suggest that the fuel cell technology holds a great deal of promise in terms of energy production and commercialization.

Fuel cell technology could lead to the commercialization of the entire industry

Global expects that this particular fuel cell technology will hasten the adoption of hydrogen as a clean source of energy. The company is currently pursuing avenues of funding in order to continue research and development of the MyCroft fuel cell technology. The company hopes to one day fully realize the economic scope of the technology and will be releasing a number of studies concerning the fuel cell’s performance over the next several years.

Research and development of fuel cells continues all over the world

Fuel cell technology has been at the heart of nearly every issue concerning hydrogen fuel. Fuel cells are often considered inefficient or dangerous energy systems. Because of concerns regarding safety and viability, fuel cells have been unable to attain commercialization for decades despite the fact that they have been growing in popularity as sustainable energy systems. Global Resource Energy may be able to make progress in the field of commercialization through the use of the MyCroft fuel cell technology.


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