Germany continues to lead the way on renewable energy

September 16, 2014 0 By Erin Kilgore

Germany sees a major shift in its energy structure thanks to solar and wind power

Of all the countries that have shown interest in renewable energy, few have been able to match the enthusiasm of Germany. The country is currently undergoing an energy transition, through which is it distancing itself from fossil-fuels and embracing clean energy. Both solar and wind power have changed the country’s energy structure, and promise to continue doing so as Germany’s support for these two forms of renewable energy grows.

North Sea becomes home for promising offshore wind energy projects

The North Sea has become home to numerous offshore wind turbines, some of which are as high as 60-story buildings. These turbines comprise wind farms that are responsible for generating electrical power that is being fed into the German energy grid. The wind projects that are being built in the North Sea represent progress toward a major milestone. This milestone has to do with the abandonment of fossil-fuels and Germany achieving its goal of carbon neutrality within the near future.

Demand for clean technology encourages foreign manufacturers to enter into new markets

Renewable energy leader - GermanyGermany has created a massive demand for wind turbines, solar panels, and other types of clean technology. This demand is fueling the interests that foreign companies have in the clean energy space. In China, manufacturers have responded to the demand in Germany by increasing their production of solar panels. As more manufacturers enter into the renewable energy space, the cost of clean technology is beginning to fall. With clean energy becoming less expensive, more countries are likely to begin adopting both solar and wind power.

Germany continues to support renewable energy despite some financial pressures

Recently, Germany has had to revise its approach on clean energy. The country’s financial initiatives that are meant to incentivize the adoption of clean power have proven so successful that they have affected Germany’s financial stability. The government has been reducing its financial support of clean power recently, but modest reductions in this support have done little to slow the progress of renewable energy throughout Germany.

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