Researchers devise new method of producing hydrogen fuel

September 16, 2014 0 By Stephen Vagus

Scottish researchers discover a new way to produce hydrogen from water

Researchers from the Glasgow University in Scotland have devised a new way to produce hydrogen fuel from water. The method could serve as a major breakthrough in chemical energy storage, allowing hydrogen to serve as an efficient storage medium for solar and wind power. The research team claims that their method of hydrogen production is as much as thirty times faster than other, more conventional methods of production. It may also be less expensive than modern production methods.

New production method is faster and more efficient than more conventional methods

The process makes use of a liquid that allows hydrogen to be stored in a liquid-based, inorganic fuel. This liquid sponge is known as redox mediator, and it is able to absorb electrons and acids in an efficient manner. Notably, the liquid sponge allows hydrogen to be produced without any additional energy input, making the production process quite efficient. The electrolysis process is the only thing that requires electrical power.

Efficient hydrogen production is a priority for those that are invested in renewable energy

Hydrogen Fuel Research - University of GlasgowFinding efficient ways to produce hydrogen fuel has become a priority for many researchers and organizations interested in renewable energy. Hydrogen holds a great deal of promise as a clean form of power, but conventional production methods are considered inefficient, making hydrogen somewhat unattractive when compared to other forms of clean energy. Modern production methods require a large amount of energy to be effective, and most of this energy comes from fossil-fuels, such as natural gas. This often negates the environmental benefits of making use of hydrogen fuel.

Hydrogen may have limited success if better production methods are not adopted

Better hydrogen production methods could make fuel cells more popular in a variety of industries. These energy systems are often used for industrial purposes, but they have been seeing more use in transportation and several other sectors recently. Without efficient production methods, hydrogen may only experience short-term success in new sectors, falling by the wayside as other forms of renewable power become more capable.

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