Linde makes a breakthrough in hydrogen fuel production

Hydrogen Fuel - The Linde Group

Linde Group opens first hydrogen production line

The Linde Group, a producer of industrial gases, has taken a big step forward in terms of hydrogen infrastructure. The company has opened the first production line for hydrogen fuel stations. This may change the way a hydrogen infrastructure takes root in Europe, potentially expediting the process and making it easier for countries to embrace clean transportation. Until now, fueling stations were built on an order-by-order basis, with each station coming with a large price tag. Now, these stations will be easier to build and will be less expensive.

Facility will be able to manufacture 50 hydrogen production units every year

The new production line is located in Vienna, Austria. According to Linde, the facility will be able to manufacture some 50 hydrogen production units every year. This is expected to be enough to handle the infrastructure needs of the first generation of fuel cell vehicles coming from many of the world’s major automakers. Being able to produce so many hydrogen production systems and deploy these systems in a relatively short amount of time is likely to have a major impact on clean transportation.

Infrastructure is needed for fuel cell vehicles to find any degree of success

The lack of a sufficient infrastructure is one of the major challenges currently facing clean transportation. Fuel cell vehicles need a hydrogen infrastructure in order to find the success that they need, but no such infrastructure currently exists. Small hydrogen fuel networks have been established in some parts of the world, but these networks are not comprehensive enough to support the mass adoption of fuel cell vehicles.

Automakers are investing in the establishment of a working hydrogen fuel infrastructure

Automakers have invested a great deal of money and time into the development of fuel cell vehicles. If these vehicles fail, many of the world’s major automakers will be facing massive financial losses. For this reason, many of these companies have begun investing in the development of a global hydrogen fuel infrastructure. Companies like Linde are vital to this infrastructure and have played a major role in its ongoing development.

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  1. Evan Efston

    IT IS UTOPIA to believe that Electric Vehicles (EV) are contributing to reduction pollution in the atmosphere.
    While huge amounts of electric energy is required to charge the batteries for all those electric vehicles is produced by factories burning COAL — there are 600 such factories in the USA alone — and many more are burning Natural Gas(NG), not to mention the controversial Atomic Energy Stations, only part of that energy is consumed to constantly be stored in batteries, however a huge amount of electric energy is also required in producing those batteries as in the “SuperFactory” TESLA is considering, also the costs for the availability of the minerals, like LEAD and other special materials need energy in differed forms for the same purpose.
    Realistically thinking, it is obvious that the EV approach is DEFEATING the entire purpose of the Green Energy Concept.
    I wonder why this subject has not been carefully examined for its practicality.

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