Breakthrough in concentrated solar energy made in Australia

Breakthrough from CSIRO may eventually find its way to the United States A breakthrough in concentrated solar power made in Australia may be coming to the United States. Researchers from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) have developed a “supercritical” steam system for concentrated solar power facilities. This system utilized concentrated sunlight to generate super hot, highly pressurized steam. CSIRO is one of the partners of Abengoa, which is a leading clean technology organization with operations in the U.S. This partnership may bring CSIRO’s breakthrough to the U.S.…

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New solar energy power plant opens in Arizona

World’s largest concentrated solar energy system is now live The world’s largest concentrated solar energy system has been brought online this week. The Solana Generating Station, which was developed by Abengoa, is based in Arizona in the U.S. and boasts of a total capacity of 280 megawatts. Unlike similar solar energy systems, the Solana Generating Station features its own storage system with six hours worth of storage capacity. The energy system is being heralded as a major step forward for the concentrated solar power sector. Concentrated solar power continues to…

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Concentrated solar energy system ready to go online in South Africa

New solar energy system set to go active in the near future South Africa’s first concentrated solar energy system is nearly ready to come online. The Khi Solar One system is based in the Northern Cape Province and is estimated to boast of a total capacity of 50 megawatts. The project comes from Abengoa, the Industrial Development Corporation, and the Khi Community Trust. The concentrated solar energy systems is expected to contribute heavily to South Africa’s overarching renewable energy goals and may help reduce the country’s reliance on fossil-fuels. System…

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Concentrated solar energy gaining momentum in California

Solar Energy California

California to be home to largest concentrated solar energy system in the world California has long been a bastion for solar energy in the U.S. The state has several policies that have provided strong support to the growth and adoption of solar energy and many of the state’s cities are turning to this form of renewable energy in order to break away from fossil-fuels. Now, the state is slated to become home to the  , which comes from solar energy companies Abengoa and BrightSource Energy. Concentrated solar power continues to…

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Concentrating Solar Power Alliance aims to educate U.S. lawmakers on how new solar energy technology works

Solar energy and solar panel

Last week, Abengoa, BrightSource Energy and Torresol Energy, three of the world’s leading solar energy companies, launched the Concentrating Solar Power Alliance (CSPA). The initiative aims to educate U.S. regulators and lawmakers on the benefits of concentrating solar power. Concentrating solar power is a method of increasing the efficiency of the renewable energy and the performance of solar panels and cells. This method utilizes a system of mirrors and lenses that work to magnify the light of the sun, making it more potent, thereby increasing energy production. The use of…

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Abengoa and FuelCell Energy team to develop new generation of hydrogen fuel cell power plants

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Industry

FuelCell Energy, a manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cells, has partnered with Abengoa, a technology company specializing in sustainability, to develop a new generation of hydrogen fuel cells that will be used in power plants. These new fuel cells will be stationary, and will be ale to produce more than 300 kilowatts of electricity each. The fuel cells will be designed to accommodate both industrialized and developing nations. The companies claim that the hydrogen power plants using these fuel cells would be capable of providing the majority of electricity for most…

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