Renewable energy has a promising future in Africa

Africa Renewable Energy Future - Sunset

African clean power sector to see strong growth in the near future The demand for renewable energy is growing quickly throughout Sub-Sahara Africa. Several African countries are looking to embrace clean power for the economic benefits that it offers. This demand is expected to have a significant impact on the renewable energy space. Within the next five years, the region’s clean power capacity is predicted to grow by more than 70%. New clean power systems will provide Africans with a reliable source of electricity. Renewable energy capacity set to grow…

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New solar energy system taking form in Ghana

Blue Energy brings solar energy to Africa Blue Energy, a solar energy developer based in the United Kingdom, has been intimately involved in bringing solar power to Africa for the past two years. In 2012, the company revealed that it was working to build Africa’s largest solar energy system, which would be based in Ghana. Plans for this system are now beginning to show some progress as Blue Energy announces that construction on the project is expected to begin in early 2014. Africa continues to show promise for clean energy…

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