Ballard joins the global Hydrogen Council

Ballard Power Joins Hydrogen Council - Forming of Business Partnership

Ballard will be joining internationally-recognized advisory group Ballard Power Systems, a leading developer of fuel cell technology, has announced that it has been officially invited to join the Hydrogen Council. The organization is an internationally-recognized advisory group. The Hydrogen Council is meant to provide long-term insight on the capabilities of fuel cells and how they can be used in the future. The organization was officially launched earlier this year at the World Economic Forum 2017 in Switzerland. Organization aims to promote the use of fuel cells and hydrogen-based technologies As…

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Anglo American: South Africa to be a major force in the hydrogen economy

South Africa - fuel cells

Anglo American, a global mining and energy company based in the UK, believes that South Africa may soon become the leading power in hydrogen energy. Hydrogen has been gaining momentum in recent years due to its efficiency and power. The energy is, at worst, on par with oil and, at best, the most capable alternative energy available. Despite the energy’s pedigree, however, the adoption of hydrogen fuel has been sluggish. This is largely due to the cost of fuel cells, as most conventional fuel cells utilize platinum and other expensive…

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