Automakers seek to save tax credit that benefits electric vehicles

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Clean vehicle tax credit may be in jeopardy The auto industry has mobilized in the United States to combat a proposal that would put an end to a tax credit that supports electric vehicles. Currently, the tax credit provides as much as $7,500 to those interested in purchasing plug-in electric vehicles. The tax credit applies to the first 200,000 of these vehicles that are produced by automakers. After this limit is reached, the tax credit is phased out over time. Clean vehicles may not appeal to consumers without the tax…

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Nissan may make use of Tesla’s clean transportation technology

Nissan shows interest in patents offered by Tesla Motors Tesla Motors recently opened up its technology patents, allowing automakers throughout the industry to take advantage of its supercharger technology. This was meant to promote the development of electric vehicles and many automakers have already shown interest in these patents and are examining their potential. Nissan is the latest major automaker to show serious interest in using Tesla’s patents. The company has a long history with electric vehicles and has been growing more aggressive with its interests in clean transportation recently.…

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Tesla aims to support clean transportation by opening its own patents

Tesla Motors opens its supercharger technology patents into order to support electric vehicles Tesla Motors has established a strong reputation for itself in the world of transportation. The company has won acclaim for its electric vehicles, which are significantly more advanced and more efficient than the battery-powered vehicles of the past. In a relatively short amount of time, Tesla has managed to cause some turbulence in the auto industry by becoming one of the most successful and well supporter automakers to produce an electric vehicle. Tesla may be ready to…

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Battery or fuel cell…the auto industry conondrum

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The auto industry is embroiled in an unlikely battle between two alternative fuels: Hydrogen and battery. While both are fundamentally similar – both fuel systems produce electricity to power vehicles – each method has significant differences. Hydrogen has faced harsh criticisms due to the high production cost of fuel cells. Battery powered vehicles were considered novelty, once upon a time, but have overcome such conceptions, as proven by Nissan’s Leaf. Cars that run on electricity is the new goal of the auto industry. Many manufacturers have taken strides to make…

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