Nissan may make use of Tesla’s clean transportation technology

June 19, 2014 0 By Stephen Vagus

Clean Transportation - Electric Vehicles

Nissan shows interest in patents offered by Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors recently opened up its technology patents, allowing automakers throughout the industry to take advantage of its supercharger technology. This was meant to promote the development of electric vehicles and many automakers have already shown interest in these patents and are examining their potential. Nissan is the latest major automaker to show serious interest in using Tesla’s patents. The company has a long history with electric vehicles and has been growing more aggressive with its interests in clean transportation recently.

BMW and other automakers show interest in Tesla’s innovative technologies

Before Tesla even opened up its patents for widespread use, the company was in negotiations with BMW concerning its supercharger technology. The auto industry is not blind to the potential of electric vehicles, but many automakers have found it difficult to convince consumers that these vehicles are worthwhile. Part of the problem is that these vehicles take several hours to charge. With Tesla’s supercharger technology, however, charging times could be significantly reduced.

Nissan may join BMW and Tesla to engage the electric vehicle market

Nissan is considering partnering with Tesla in order to establish a stronger place in clean transportation. A coalition comprised of Nissan, Tesla, and BMW would cover most of the auto industry’s favored markets and these three companies are already major players when it comes to electric vehicles. Nissan may aim to utilize Tesla’s supercharger technology in order to make its future electric vehicles more efficient and more appealing to consumers that have an interest in clean vehicles, but not necessarily enough time to devout to charging these vehicles on a regular basis.

Some automakers take issue with Tesla’s recent successes, while others are emboldened by it

Tesla’s technology has proven to be quite formidable and has had a major impact on the auto industry. Some automakers have felt threatened by the company’s recent successes and, in some countries, have petitioned lawmakers to mitigate Tesla’s continued prosperity. Companies that already have a strong presence in clean transportation, however, have shown interest in working with Tesla in the future.

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