Tesla aims to support clean transportation by opening its own patents

June 16, 2014 0 By Angie Bergenson

Clean Transportation - Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors opens its supercharger technology patents into order to support electric vehicles

Tesla Motors has established a strong reputation for itself in the world of transportation. The company has won acclaim for its electric vehicles, which are significantly more advanced and more efficient than the battery-powered vehicles of the past. In a relatively short amount of time, Tesla has managed to cause some turbulence in the auto industry by becoming one of the most successful and well supporter automakers to produce an electric vehicle. Tesla may be ready to help other companies find similar success.

Tesla vehicles continue to win acclaim for their use of innovative technology and their near unparalleled efficiency

Tesla’s vehicles have won support from consumers largely due to the use of innovative technology. These vehicles are equipped with lithium-ion batteries and fast charging technology that make them more efficient and attractive to consumers. The supercharging technology is particularly attractive to automakers that are also interested in clean transportation. This technology can cut down on the charging time for electric vehicles by a significant margin, turning a 10-hour charging time into a much less time consuming venture.

Technology patents may help other automakers develop electric vehicles that are attractive to consumers interested in clean transportation

Tesla has announced that it is opening up its supercharger technology patents, making this technology more widely available in an effort to further promote electric vehicles. The patents are expected to help automakers understand how Tesla’s supercharging technology works, giving them an opportunity to incorporate similar technologies into their own vehicles. This technology may go a long way in making electric vehicles more popular among consumers.

Long charging times may eventually be a thing of the past for electric vehicles thanks to Tesla

Long charging times are one of the drawbacks of modern electric vehicles. Most of these vehicles require several hours to be charged to full, which makes them somewhat unpopular for those with long commutes or time-sensitive schedules. Clean transportation is gaining popularity, but without innovative technology to help promote electric vehicles, consumers may be slow to embrace clean transportation in any significant fashion.

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