Batteries could be improved to make electric vehicles cheaper

An old type of battery may store far more energy and be less expensive than current lithium-ion EV batteries. Manufacturers of electric vehicles (EVs), and those interested in producing these green cars, are always hoping for improvements to be made to lithium-ion batteries, which power these vehicles, in order to extend the battery’s driving range and make it cheaper. However, Scientists from chemical company BASF are currently investigating an older type of battery that is showing promise where present lithium-ion batteries are not. The basic type of battery currently used…

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BASF discovers new way to produce hydrogen fuel

BASF - Hydrogen Fuel Germany

New hydrogen fuel production method could be a boon for industry BASF, one of the world’s largest chemical companies, has found a way to produce hydrogen fuel that it claims is significantly more environmentally friendly than other methods. The new method could be a boon for the clean transportation field as it would mean more availability to hydrogen fuel and could lower the cost of this fuel’s production significantly. BASF notes that its new production process could also lead to cleaner industrial practices, such as oil refining. Hydrogen continues to…

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