Recycling technology used in Morocco produces clean drinking water

A water treatment facility that recycles waste and urine water has changed the lives of Moroccan students. Fresh water resources are scarce in Morocco, but a new water treatment facility that utilizes urine recycling technology similar to what astronauts use at the International Space Station (ISS), has made it possible for school children who attend Sidi Taïbi to obtain safe and clean drinking water. The Moroccan school is the first public facility to utilize this technology. Located near Kenitra, which is just over 18 and a half miles (30 kilometers)…

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Penn State researchers create microbial fuel cell that could bring clean water to impoverished communities around the world

fracking - contaminated water

Researchers from the Pennsylvania State University have created a new fuel cell that could be a great boon for impoverished communities around the world. It is called the microbial reverse electrolysis cell (MRC), and is a kind of microbial fuel cell that generated electricity by consuming hydrogen gas. Penn State researchers believe that their new fuel cell serves a dual purpose of water-treatment and energy generation. As with other hydrogen fuel cells, the MRC creates clean water as a byproduct of energy production, though at much greater quantities than its…

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Brazil looks to put an end to energy poverty with the help of Canada

Amazon Floating Village

Energy poverty is a major issue in developing countries. Economically poor communities without abundant access to electricity have been known to have a difficulty developing strong infrastructures. Alternative energy has emerged as a viable way to combat energy poverty as it allows communities to make use of what is, essentially, free energy. Fabio Rosa, an entrepreneur from Brazil, has gained access to more than 560 solar panels provided by Canadian Solar Solutions. He will use these panels to bring energy to impoverished communities throughout the Amazon. Rosa envisions his project…

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