Audi makes progress with its synthetic fuel for clean vehicles

Clean Vehicles - Audi logo on car

Audi is making a significant amount of clean fuel Audi is making progress with its e-fuels strategy. The automaker’s initiative involves producing clean fuels that produce no harmful emissions when used to power clean vehicles. Audi has achieved part of this goal with the development of synthetic gasoline, which is calls “e-benzin.” To accomplish this, Audi teamed with Global Bioenergies. Together, the two companies were able to produce the largest amount of synthetic gasoline ever – approximately 60 liters of fuel. New fuel is compatible with existing infrastructure According to…

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Researchers develop new system to use solar power to produce clean fuels

Solar Power Clean Fuel - Sun Reflecting on water

New system leverages the power of the sun to produce sustainable fuels Researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have developed a new system that can generate fuel using solar power. The new system represents reaching another milestone in efforts to use renewable energy to produce sustainable fuels. Researchers based their efforts on several previews endeavors, many of which involved mimicking photosynthesis in order to turn sunlight into electrical power. This electricity is then used to trigger chemical reactions. System can convert fuel precursors into ethanol and ethylene In the…

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Washington introduced draft rule for clean fuels

Clean fuels are set to gain more support in Washington Washington has released a new draft rule that has established a new clean fuel standard in the state. The new rule is meant to add more momentum to the state’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In order to reduce emissions, the state has been promoting clean vehicles and the use of renewable energy. Because transportation accounts for the majority of emissions produced in the state, the new rule is focused on promoting clean fuels. New standard is based off…

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Audi continues to research clean transportation

Audi expands its research on renewable energy and clean fuels German automaker Audi has been looking for ways to make transportation more environmentally friendly. This is a trend that has become quite prominent within the global auto industry and it is becoming especially prominent as the world’s governments adopt stricter regulations concerning carbon emissions. Like other automakers, Audi is examining the viability of hydrogen fuel cells as well as lithium-ion batteries. Audi, however, does not claim to know how the future of clean transportation will manifest and has been diversifying…

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British Airways to build new biofuel facility

British Airways Biofuel

British Airways aims to curb emissions with biofuel British Airways, one of the largest airlines in the world, is currently building a biofuel facility that will be used to produce clean fuel for aircraft. The airline is developing the facility under the GreenSky project, which promotes the use of sustainable energy in aviation. British Airways has not yet revealed where the biofuel facility will take root, but it is likely to be located in London. The airline expects that the facility will help produce a massive amount of clean fuel…

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Nanoptek introduces their solar hydrogen generator to the commercial market

The sun has been a source of energy for millennia. However, it was not until very recently that humanity was able to harness that power in an efficient way. Solar power is considered to be one of the most promising alternative energies, offering to change the way people perceive energy. The drawback to solar power, however, is that panels used to collect energy must have constant exposure to the sun. Because of this, a cloudy day can sometimes mean the difference between electricity or black out. These types of drawbacks…

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