Solar energy is gaining ground in Dubai

Solar Energy - Sunny Day in Dubai

New contract calls for the development of a new solar energy project Dubai’s Electricity and Water Authority has awarded a $3.9 billion contract so ACWA Power. The contract involves the development of a large-scale solar energy system. The system will make use of several mirrors, which will concentrate sunlight in order to generate electricity. Concentrated solar energy has been gaining popularity in recent years. These particular solar power systems have vast energy production potential, which makes them significantly more attractive than conventional solar farms. Solar farm will produce 5,000 MW…

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Dubai to invest in hydrogen fuel cells

Dubai has formed an agreement with AFC Energy to take advantage of fuel cells Dubai has formed an agreement with AFC Energy, a developer of hydrogen fuel cells, that represents the largest single deployment of fuel cells in the city-state. These fuel cells will be part of Dubai’s ambitious infrastructure plans, which involves an increased focus on renewable energy and clean technology. Dubai intends to reduce the emissions it produces in the coming years, becoming more environmentally friendly and spurring economic growth through the adoption of renewable energy systems. 300…

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