Germany to convert large coal mine into a new energy storage system

Energy Storage - Inside a Coal Mine

New project aims to change an old coal mine into an efficient energy storage solution Germany has launched an ambitious new project that involved converting an old coal mine into a large-scale battery storage system. The Prosper-Haniel coal mine is the subject of the project. The mine was built in 1863 and produces approximately 3 million tons of coal every year. It is one of the few remaining active coal mines in Germany, but is slated for complete closure in 2018, when government subsidies supporting the mine are no longer…

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Major energy storage deal struck in California

Southern California Edison makes a bold move on energy production and storage Southern California Edison, one of California’s largest utilities, has made a significant deal regarding energy production and storage. Per the deal, the Californian utility has purchased some 2,221 megawatts of electrical power produced by various energy resources located throughout the state. The utility has also purchased 250 megawatts worth of energy storage capacity from several organizations, representing the largest purchase of its kind made by a utility in California. New energy capacity purchased by utility will come from…

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Rice University makes a breakthrough in hydrogen fuel production

Team of researchers finds a way to produce hydrogen using a molybdenum film A team of researchers from Rice University may have found an effective way to store and produce hydrogen fuel. The team has developed a nanoporous film that is comprised of molybdenum, which can effectively produce hydrogen or be used as a storage solution. This could be a significant breakthrough for the hydrogen space, as efficient storage and production methods have been in high demand for some time. More research will have to be done with the new…

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New energy storage project being built in California

Southern California Edison is building a battery storage facility in Tehachapi A new energy storage system is being built by Southern California Edison. The project will be making use of lithium-ion batteries that have been developed by LG Chem and the facility will be built in Tehachapi, California. The state is growing more involved in the renewable energy space, funding the development of numerous solar and wind power projects. For clean energy to continue being considered a viable investment, the state needs better storage solutions. Project aims to provide a…

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New energy storage project launched in Europe

Europe largest energy storage initiative begins S&C Electric Europe, Samsung SDI, and Younicos have launched the largest energy storage project in Europe. Energy storage is becoming a major issue as the world begins focusing more on renewable energy. Conventional energy grids are not designed to accommodate the electrical power produced by renewable energy systems. As such, much of the electricity that these systems produce is lost, making renewable energy somewhat inefficient. Modernizing energy grids has become a popular focus throughout Europe. Project aims to modernize energy infrastructure The energy storage…

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Hydrogenics to supply services to German utility company

Hydrogen Fuel - Working together

E.ON to make use of Hydrogenics’ services and technologies Hydrogenics, a leading manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cells and electrolysers, has announced that it will be supplying its range of services to Germany’s E.ON, the world’s largest investor-owned electric and gas utilities company. Hydrogenics aims to prove that its power-to-gas energy systems have a future in Europe. The company’s efforts are meant to instill confidence in its operations from Enbridge Inc., the company’s equity owner. If successful, this new initiative will be one of the largest of its kind in the…

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Hydrogen could be used as an effective energy storage method

Hydrogen Fuel Storage

Issue of storage begins to attract more attention Efficient energy storage has long been an issue that has kept the progress of alternative energy stagnant. As alternative energy gains more attention, the issue of storage is becoming a more important subject. Researchers all over the world have begun to tackle the issues that relate to storage and while many have found success through various methods, efficient storage still remains a problem. A new report from Frost & Sullivan, a research and consulting firm, suggests that hydrogen may be the key…

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Hydrogenics teams with Enbridge to tackle energy storage

Hydrogen fuel partnership

Both companies to develop utility scale energy storage system Hydrogenics Corp., a developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that it has partnered with Enbridge Inc., a company specializing in alternative energy systems. Through the partnership, the two companies will work to establish a new utility scale energy storage system for North America. Clean energy storage is becoming more important as alternative energy begins to attract more interest from consumers, companies, and governments. Traditional storage methods are neither sufficient nor efficient enough to meet the demands presented by new forms…

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University of Minnesota licenses storage technology to SustainX


Alternative energy hand off to help solve storage issues The University of Minnesota has licensed its solar and wind energy storage system to SustainX, a developer of energy storage technologies. The storage system was developed last year by a team of researchers led by Professor Perry Li. The system was developed to help make the storage of solar and wind energies more efficient, which would also make them more alluring for use in business, industry, and residential endeavors. SustainX will be using the system to create new storage technologies that may…

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