Job growth in the renewable energy sector highlighted by report

E2 releases report concerning green jobs Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) has released a new report concerning the growth of “green” jobs throughout the U.S. Green jobs are those that have to do with renewable energy and clean technology in some way. Typically, these jobs are considered quite attractive for skilled individuals because of their high pay and sustainable nature. New jobs are also quite welcome during times of economic strain and the emergence of new jobs can provide some insight into the growth of clean power. 15,000 new jobs created in…

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Renewable energy creates new jobs in the US

Focus on renewable energy could help boost the economy As the U.S. continues to pursue renewable energy, the effort may be having a healthy impact on the nation’s economy. The Obama administration has adopted an “all of the above” energy policy, which has the country pursuing all forms of power, including renewable energy and fossil-fuels. While some forms of energy have received more support from the federal government than others, the initiative appears to be having a major impact on the job market, according to a new report from Environmental…

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Department of Defense biofuels initiative could have serious benefits

Renewable Energy Costs to Drop

Department of Defense eyes economic potential of biofuels The U.S. Department of Defense has emerged as one of the strongest supporters for alternative energy in the world. As the largest consumer of oil, the agency has classified energy as a matter of national security as political tensions in the Middle East grow. The agency is keen to help the country become independent of foreign sources of oil and believes that alternative energy holds the most promise in this endeavor. The Department of Defense has been making major progress in the…

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Biofuel industry shows impressive growth in US

Hydrogen Fuel production

Report shows impressive results of biofuel industry The biofuel industry has seen impressive growth despite a less-than-favorable economic climate, according to a new report from Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2), a national conglomeration of business leaders who promote sound environmental policies. The report shows that the U.S. biofuels industry has shown particularly impressive growth, partly due to the interest the U.S. Navy has shown in biofuel. If interest in biofuels remains high and project continue to produce favorable results, the industry is expected to continue showing signs of growth into the future.…

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