Alternative energy news: EU passes emissions trading measure

Hydrogen Fuel Success

Emissions trading makes alternative energy news thanks to ambitious emissions trading measure Emissions trading has made alternative energy news headlines this week as the European Parliament passes a vote approving a plan to reduce the number of unsold carbon credits that are part of the European Union’s Emissions Trading System. The EU has become a somewhat active carbon trading region, backed heavily by the governing body’s interest in renewable energy and the mitigation of the effects of climate change. The new measure is meant to generate more activity among companies…

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Energy efficiency in the UK gains more financial support

UK Energy Efficiency

Green Deal energy efficiency program gains momentum Energy efficiency is becoming a big deal for many developed countries interested in reducing emissions and breaking ties with fossil-fuels. In the United Kingdom, the so called Green Deal energy efficiency program has been gaining momentum. The program was launched by the country’s Department of Energy and Climate Change in October 2012, and has recently received approval from the European Union. The program aims to address the issue of energy efficiency throughout the country through the issuance of loans to properties taking energy…

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Report highlights the cost of environmental policies and regulations

EU Alternative Energy

  Bloomberg reports on recently dismantled CO2 regulations Bloomberg New Energy Finance, a research firm part of the Bloomberg Finance network, has released a new report concerning the economic effects of environmentally friendly regulations coming from the European Union. The report focuses on a regulation that would have raised the EU’s CO2 reduction target to 30% by 2020, up from the current 20%. The regulation was dismantled last month by Poland, a move that was spurred by concerns of the regulation’s economic impact. Europe continues to struggle with a complicated…

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Wind energy to bring 500,000 jobs to Europe by 2020

Wind Energy Systems - Wind Turbines

A new report from the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) Wind power has certainly been gaining more attention throughout Europe, despite concerns regarding efficiency and viability. Many European countries are beginning to adopt and make use of wind turbines and some have become home to the larges wind farms in the world. The EWEA believes that the European Union is just beginning to scratch the surface of wind energy. According to the report, the wind power industry will create more than 500,000 new jobs throughout Europe by 2020.  These jobs…

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European Commission issues call for proposals facing hydrogen energy

Report - Renewable Energy Supported by Country

The European Commission, a branch of the European Union, is looking to support innovative alternative energy projects as part of its Implementation Plan of Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking initiative. The Commission has been interested in hydrogen fuel for several years now and has been looking for ways to expand the use of the energy throughout Europe. There are significant barriers preventing the mass adoption of the fuel, however, and the organization is now looking to back projects that could solve some of the inherent problems of hydrogen energy.…

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EU releases new Energy Roadmap that shows the lack of consensus amongst nations regarding alternative energy

Alternative Energy Europe

The European Union has released the long awaited “Energy Roadmap 2050” report, which outlines the region’s plans to adopt alternative energy and attain sustainability. While the report outlines the EU’s plans for renewable fuel projects, it also makes note of the investments made by other countries into alternative energy projects. Notably, most of the world’s countries, including those in Europe, have cut back on the investments in alternative energy. China is one of the very few whose investments have begun to skyrocket. The EU has plans to decarbonize its energy…

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