DOE announces more funding for hydrogen fuel cells

doe funding - hydrogen fuel

Federal agency offers more support to hydrogen fuel cells The U.S. Department of Energy has announced that it will be devoting more funding to the hydrogen fuel cell sector in order to support the growth and adoption of these energy systems in transportation. The federal agency has been somewhat divided on the issue of hydrogen fuel cells in the past. At one point, the agency had considered fuel cells to be an inadequate solution to the problems faced by modern transportation. Recently, however, the Department of Energy has been changing…

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FCH JU issues call for innovative fuel cell technology projects

Fuel Cell Technology future

FCH JU offers $172 million in funding for projects that push the boundaries of technology The Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU), a public-private organization committed to the development of fit-for-use hydrogen fuel cell technologies, has issued a call for proposals concerning innovative hydrogen-based projects. The FCH JU issues this call every year in the aim of shedding light on new technology that could be a benefit to the fuel cell industry and the world’s need for alternative energy sources. This year, the organization is offering more than…

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Senate Committee on Energy and Water approves legislation for fuel cell funding

Senator Schumer

Senator Charles Schumer campaigns to promote hydrogen fuel cells Last month, Senator Charles Schumer called upon the federal government to renew funding for hydrogen fuel cell projects from General Motors and Delphi, a manufacturer of solid state fuel cells. The Senator had introduced a new bill that would secure funding for both companies and help them establish new fuel cell production facilities and research departments. The initiative had initially been met with skepticism from the Department of Energy, but the bill quickly garnered support from the alternative energy and business…

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Department of Energy announces new funding for hydrogen vehicles

U.S. Dept of Energy Renewable Energy

Agency to provide funding for hydrogen vehicles used at airports The U.S. Department of Energy has announced new funding for the test and deployment of hydrogen-powered vehicles this week. The funding is part of the Obama administration’s “all-of-the-above” energy plan, which seeks to bolster the country’s use of various forms of energy, including fossil-fuels. The DOE has had a turbulent history with hydrogen fuel, but has recently grown more accommodating of the energy due to advancements made in fuel cell technology. The agency has recently begun backing the development of…

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Hydrogen fuel cell funding in Japan tops $240 million

Japan Solar Energy

Hydrogen energy in Japan seems to be gaining significant momentum as the government continues to throw its support behind the alternative energy. This week, Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry announced that hydrogen and fuel cell research funding in the company totals $240 for the current fiscal year. The announcement reflects the country’s long-standing favor for hydrogen fuel energy and other forms of renewable fuel. This love for hydrogen reached new highs in the months following last year’s earthquake and tsunami disasters that ravaged the country’s energy infrastructure. The…

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