FCH JU issues call for innovative fuel cell technology projects

FCH JU issues call for innovative fuel cell technology projects

January 19, 2013 0 By Alicia Moore

Fuel Cell Technology future

FCH JU offers $172 million in funding for projects that push the boundaries of technology

The Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU), a public-private organization committed to the development of fit-for-use hydrogen fuel cell technologies, has issued a call for proposals concerning innovative hydrogen-based projects. The FCH JU issues this call every year in the aim of shedding light on new technology that could be a benefit to the fuel cell industry and the world’s need for alternative energy sources. This year, the organization is offering more than $172 million for ambitious projects that push the boundaries of fuel cell technology.

Initiative aims to support fuel cells that could be launched in the next few years

The funds awarded by the FCH JU will be used to support the research and demonstration of new fuel cell technologies and other hydrogen energy initiatives. Approximately $70 million of these funds will come directly from the budget of the organization, with the remainder coming from contributions from the fuel cell industry and various research organizations and national funds. As in previous years, the FCH JU aims to support projects that could bring fuel cells to the public in the near future, rather than those that may be considered a distant future solution.

Fuel cells becoming more common beyond the auto industry

Hydrogen fuel cells are becoming more common throughout the world. Currently, the energy systems are more popular in the auto industry than any other sector, as many of the world’s largest automakers have plans to use the systems for their future vehicles. Beyond the auto industry, however, fuel cells have begun to establish a foothold in the materials handling, residential, and back-up power sectors. Overall, fuel cell technology has received only modest support over the years, making its progress slow throughout the world.

Proposals will fit particular categories

The deadline to submit proposals to the FCH JU is May 22, 2012. Once proposals have been submitted, the organization will evaluate their feasibility and determine whether they can be supported or not. The initiative itself will award a set amount of funds to projects in five application areas: Transportation and infrastructure, hydrogen production, stationary power, early market applications, and cross-cutting issues, such as socio-economic research and the acceptance of fuel cells as viable energy systems.

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