GE forms new deal to break into Chile’s wind power

Chile's wind power - Flag of Chile

GE will be bringing new wind turbines to Chile GE Renewable Energy has announced that it has made its first wind power deal in Chile. The deal was made with Arroyo Energy Compania de EnergiasRenovablesLimitada. GE will be responsible for supplying six new 3.6 megawatt wind turbines to the new project. These turbines will be delivered to the south of the country in the coming months and will help Chile bolster its clean power production and further distance itself from fossil-fuels. Wind power may help Chile abandon fossil-fuels Chile has…

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GE forms new partnership to improve offshore wind energy turbines

Offshore wind energy - Wind Turbines in Field

GE teams with ORE Catapult to test new wind turbine ORE Catapult and GE Renewable Energy have announced a new partnership. Over the next five years, the two companies will be working together in the offshore wind energy field. The first step of this collaboration involves testing a new 12 megawatt offshore turbine that GE has developed. This turbine will be tested at a facility operated by ORE Catapult. GE suggests that the new turbine is the most powerful of its kind and will be able to operate anywhere in…

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GE develops new offshore wind energy system

Wind Energy - Wind Turbines Spinning in Wind

GE has announced its new Haliade-X turbine GE Renewable Energy, a division of General Electric, has announced plans to build a powerful offshore wind turbine called Haliade-X. The new turbine is meant to be a step forward in wind energy technology. The company has been heavily involved with wind power for several years and has recently taken a greater interest in offshore endeavors. As such, the developing offshore wind turbines has become more of a priority. The Haliade-X turbine could be the first of many more turbines to come that…

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GE is one of the largest supporters of renewable energy in the world

GE has invested more than $10 billion in clean energy projects globally General Electric has become one of the most prolific supporters of renewable energy in the world. Through GE Energy Financial Services, General Electric has invested more than $10 billion into the renewable energy sector worldwide. The investments that the company has made have gone a long way in bringing various energy projects to completion and have helped modernize the energy infrastructure in many countries. Moreover, these investments have also produced economic activity and helped reduce emissions in some…

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Renewable energy gains powerful new ally through GE and Google partnership

Hydrogen fuel partnership

New partnership could help progress renewable energy General Electric has teamed with Google in order to help utilities increase their energy productivity. Through the partnership, General Electric’s various electrical, telecommunications, and gas applications will now come with Google Maps accessibility. This will allow these applications to offer better visualization of areas of operation, enabling utilities to better analyze data concerning productivity. The two companies are also putting a strong focus on renewable energy, as this may also help boost productivity significantly. Smallworld applications to include Google Maps General Electric is…

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