Fina Enerji to receive 52 turbines from GE Renewable Energy

Fina Enerji to receive 52 turbines from GE Renewable Energy

May 20, 2020 0 By Tami Hood

The Turkish utility is constructing onshore platforms for wind power at four farms.

General Electric division, GE Renewable Energy, has released a statement saying that it will be providing 52 wind turbines to a Turkish power supplier.

This international agreement will help to bring greater green energy capacity through four wind farms.

GE Renewable Energy is supplying 52 of the company’s 3 MW platform onshore wind turbines. They will be headed to four different wind farms located across Turkey. The farms are owned by Fina Enerji, a green power company in the country. The addition of the wind turbines will give the country a considerable boost in its wind produced electricity as well as to its overall green energy production.

The wind farms will be constructed in Baglama, Pazarkoy, Tayakadin and Yalova. Each of these locations will have their own onshore platforms. Their total production capacity when all four wind farms are fully operational will be 193 MW. This will be enough electricity to power 195,000 homes in Turkey. Moreover, in doing so, it will slash about 650,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the country’s power generation, said a statement from the General Electric division.

GE Renewable Energy will also continue to service the wind turbines on the farms for a decade.

The 52 wind turbines will be outfitted with 156 blades. Those blades will all be manufactured at the Izmir factory of the company’s LM Wind Power, which is its turbine blade supplying arm. The turbine towers will also be manufactured within Turkey, said the General Electric company.

This isn’t General Electric’s first foray into Turkey to produce green power. That said, this does represent the largest project to which it will be contributing within that country.

So far, GE Renewable Energy has installed 1.2 GW of wind energy in Turkey. This is being generated through 500 wind turbines in the country. This includes 350 MW in onshore turbine generated electricity projects that the company and Fina Enerji have already constructed GE renewable energy - wind turbinestogether and that are either fully operational or are well on their way to completion and reaching full capacity.

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