Hawaii aims to go carbon neutral

Carbon Neutral - Hawaii Palm Trees - Sun - Renewables

New legislation aims to make Hawaii carbon neutral by 2045 New legislation in Hawaii could ensure that the state will soon rid itself of fossil-fuels.  Governor David Ige has signed a bill that aims to make Hawaii completely carbon neutral by 2045. This represents the most ambitious and aggressive environmental policy in the whole of the United States. Hawaii is already home to a rapidly growing clean energy market and this new legislation may add momentum to this growth. State continues to lead the way in environmentalism Hawaii has already…

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Hawaii passes law to support the Paris Agreement and fight climate change

Climate Change - Palm trees and beach

State will be combating climate change by supporting the Paris Agreement Hawaii has become the first in the United States to adopt a new law to show greater support for the Paris Agreement. The law will see the state officially document rising sea levels and develop a strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the use of renewable energy and other solutions. Governor David Ige notes that the law will align Hawaii with the goals of the Paris Agreement, which the United States withdrew from last week. The impact of…

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Hawaii bets on renewable energy

State intends to general 100% of its power from renewable sources by 2045 Hawaii is heading toward embracing renewable energy as its only source of power. During the recent Asia Pacific Resilience Innovation Summit, which was hosted in the state, Governor David Ige announced that the state would not be using natural gas to replace other fossil-fuels. Instead, Hawaii will be working to receive no less than 100% of its energy from renewable sources by 2045. The ambitious initiative would make the state one of the leading renewable energy entities…

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