Traditional builders look to green construction trends to reap sizeable benefits

green construction

Sustainable design and green architecture is just as important as the right industrial mixer for today’s top builders. Leading builders around the world are entering into the green construction space which is one of the hottest growing building trends. Homeowners and developers are grabbing onto this resource-efficient and environmentally responsible trend. It includes everything from the right architecture to the ideal industrial mixer. This trend is solidly established in commercial construction and gated residential communities. Moreover, it is gaining ground at a highly attractive rate among more conventional home real…

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The powerful versatility of Humistore’s bentonite clay

Bentonite clay may seem like a relatively innocuous substance, but it is quite important in a variety of industries. For more than a decade, Humistore has produced and sold bentonite clay, and other products throughout the world. Based in France, the company has managed to establish a foothold in several markets, particularly those where the demand for bentonite is growing quickly. Humistore has managed to find success in these markets with its products. Bentonite is an absorbent aluminum phyllosilicate that is comprised primarily of montmorillonite. This substance comes in several…

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Renewable energy and sustainability take a step forward in UK

University of East Anglia - UK Renewable Energy

UK continues to show strong support for renewable energy and sustainable construction Sustainability is not solely achieved through the adoption of renewable energy. Finding ways to use environmentally friendly materials in construction is also a step toward sustainability that often goes overlooked in the flood of attention that renewable energy receives. In the United Kingdom, construction is beginning to see something of a revolution as more focus begins to be put on sustainability and the use of clean technologies and materials. The University of East Anglia has recently won approval…

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Alternative energy continues to grow in support in the UK

Alternative Energy UK

Government shows keen interest in prospects of alternative energy Support for alternative energy has been growing in the United Kingdom. The country is home to several energy projects that involve wind, solar, and hydrogen fuel, all backed by the government. The United Kingdom has lofty goals in mind when it comes to alternative energy and emissions reduction, thus the support for clean power has been growing in recent years. The economic prospects of adopting alternative energy have also not gone unnoticed. IBM teams with the Defense Infrastructure Organization IBM, one…

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Survey shows the growth of green construction to boom by 2016

Hydrogen fuel powered homes

A new survey from McGraw-Hill Construction, a leading construction and analytics firm, suggests that green homes present a major growth opportunity for the construction industry. Green projects are becoming very popular in the U.S., especially as more people grow conscious of the potential threats of climate change. McGraw-Hill believes that the construction industry can benefit from this growing interest. They survey suggests that if the industry can mimic the success it saw in the green construction sector last year, green homes may become the most popular project by 2016. According…

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