Offshore wind energy could be used to power the world

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Research suggests that offshore projects could provide electricity to the entire world New research from the Department of Global Ecology at the Carnegie Institution for Science is highlighting the vast potential of offshore wind energy. Offshore projects are technically capable of generating much more electricity than their onshore counterparts. This is due to the strong, unhindered wind currents that can be found at sea. According to the research, offshore wind could be used to generate “civilization scale power,” theoretically removing the need for other forms of electricity. Offshore projects face…

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Report warns of the brutal impact of climate change

Efforts to fight climate change may be failing The European science journal Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics has published a new report from numerous scientists that notes that current efforts to fight climate change may be failing. Several years ago, the world’s leading nations banded together and agreed to limit the level of global warming to a degree they believed would be manageable. The report found, however, that allowing temperatures to rise by this agreed upon level may have disastrous consequences for the planet. Nations may be too slow to fight…

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