Agility Fuel Solutions unveils a new hydrogen storage system for large trucks

Hydrogen Storage - Trucks

Company launches its large-capacity ProCab H storage system for commercial trucks Agility Fuel Solutions has announced the launch of its large-capacity “ProCab H” hydrogen storage solution. The storage system is designed for commercial trucks powered by fuel cells. The company has also released a mobile application that is meant to provide information on the various fuel types used by medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. The new storage system could help make trucks equipped with fuel cells viable. Storage system is comprised of cylinders that can store up to 33.9 kilograms…

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Hexagon to develop new hydrogen tanks for fuel cell vehicles

Hydrogen Fuel Tanks for Fuel Cell Vehicles

Hexagon wins $10 million contract to develop hydrogen tanks Hexagon Composites, a Norwegian company, has announced that it has been awarded a $10 million contract from an as yet unnamed company. Per the contract, Hexagon will be producing new gas cylinders that are designed to store compressed hydrogen. These gas cylinders will then be used to power fuel cell vehicles. This will offer up yet another hydrogen storage solution for those interested in developing and launching fuel cell vehicles. Company has extensive experience with hydrogen fuel Hexagon has significant experience…

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Companies may join together to build new hydrogen fuel tanks in Japan

Hexagon Lincoln and Mitsui & Co. consider partnership to develop new fuel tanks for clean vehicles Manufacturer Hexagon Lincoln has announced that it will be teaming with Mitsui & Co., a trade company based in Japan, to study the viability of launching a joint venture that would be meant to produce new hydrogen fuel tanks in Japan. The joint venture could become quite valuable to the auto industry, which has become more interested in clean vehicles that use hydrogen fuel cells to provide them with the power that they need…

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