Hydrogen fuel delivery service is coming to Japan

Hydrogen Fuel - Image of Box Delivery

Hitachi and Marubeni are launching a new delivery project Residents of Japan will soon be able to have hydrogen delivered directly to their homes. Hitachi Ltd. and Marubeni Corp. have entered into a new partnership to launch an ambitious new project. The project aims to tap into the growing demand for hydrogen fuel. Some of this demand is coming from homeowners, many of whom have come to rely on fuel cell systems. These systems generate electricity that they need, but they also generate thermal power that can be used to…

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Honda and Hitachi will work together to support electric vehicles

Elecric Vehicles - Partnership

Honda teams with Hitachi to launch a new joint venture this year Japanese automaker Honda will be working with Hitachi’s auto parts subsidiary in order to launch a new joint venture. The venture will be responsible for developing small motors for new electric vehicles. Honda and Hitachi believe that the new venture will be able to establish a strong foothold in the increasingly competitive clean transportation sector. The endeavor represents yet another step in Honda’s ongoing efforts to produce high quality electric vehicles that appeal to consumers and businesses alike.…

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New reactor that consumes nuclear waste could power the UK for 500 years

Nuclear Waste

Wherever nuclear power is concerned, nuclear waste presents a significant problem. The waste generated by nuclear power plants cannot be disposed of and is usually contained in steel drums and buried underground or held in secure facilities. In the wake of the Fukushima nuclear crisis in Japan, which was sparked by a powerful earthquake last year, many nations around the world have begun abandoning nuclear energy, but are unable to cut ties with nuclear waste. In the United Kingdom, the Department of Energy and Climate Change may have found a…

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