Proton Power Systems to deliver hydrogen fuel cell technology to German client

Company enters into a new deal with a German company interested in fuel cells Proton Power Systems, a clean technology company, has announced that it has won a $15 million deal with a German company. The deal will span seven years, during which period Proton Power Systems will deliver hydrogen fuel cells that will be used as emergency power solutions. Currently, Proton Power Systems has an ongoing deal in Bavaria, which has allowed the company to hold a foothold in the German market, where demand for fuel cells is on…

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New algae-eating green technology may clean up the Baltic Sea

A remote-controlled floating drone could clean up excess algae and turn it into biofuel. The Baltic Sea has become a breeding ground for frequent algae blooms and this has lead to the accumulation of high levels of toxic algae, which could be dangerous to existing ecosystems. To help deal with this overabundant toxic algae problem, A Swedish design student, Fredrik Ausinsch, has developed a conceptual machine that is not only capable of eating the algae but his green technology also turns it into biofuel. The drone would be designed with…

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Hyundai launches new sports division that will use hydrogen fuel cell technology

N division has been revealed by Hyundai during auto show South Korean automaker Hyundai has launched a new sports division, called N. The new division was unveiled this week at an event in Germany, where Hyundai showcased the technology that would be used to develop new sports vehicles as well as a new car. Hyundai’s new vehicle, the N 2025, will make an appearance in the latest Gran Turismo game, where it will be available to download to those that play the game. New vehicle will make use of fuel…

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Hydrogen Fuel: A Great Solution for Global Warming

In the past 30 years, public awareness of the far-reaching effects of global warming has dramatically increased, and billions of dollars have been poured into clean energy research projects of all kinds.  One of the most important clean energy initiatives to emerge in recent years has been the development of hydrogen fuel cell technology for the purpose of making environmentally friendly vehicles.  On August 8, 2005, an important piece of legislation known as the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPACT 2005) was signed into law by President George W. Bush.…

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Will Toyota Have The First Hydrogen Powered Mass Market Vehicle?

Science fiction author Harlan Ellison was quoted as saying “The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity.” And while there’s no sign of a stupidity-powered vehicle anywhere in sight (although considering how some people drive, it may be the closest we come to perpetual motion), Toyota appears on the verge of releasing the first hydrogen-powered mass-market automobile in 2015, unveiling it in November of 2014. You Asked For It, You Got It, Hydrogen-Powered Toyota! While there’s been considerable interest in low-emission vehicles of late, hydrogen fuel…

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Air Products unveils new hydrogen fuel production system

Green Fuel - Biodiesel

Need for hydrogen fuel spurs new production system Air Products, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel production technologies, has unveiled a new addition to its PRISM line of products. The company has taken note of the growing demand for hydrogen fuel as renewable energy becomes more popular. Fuel cells are gaining traction with a variety of organizations and consumers and have quickly established themselves as a valued energy source for the auto industry. As fuel cells become more popular, the need for hydrogen fuel is growing, as is the need…

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Hydrogen fuel cell technology highlighted in new Portland Community College course

Portland Community College Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Portland Community College adopts hydrogen fuel cell course Oregon’s Portland Community College is to begin offering a new course in the field of renewable energy in April of this year. Renewable energy is becoming a very prominent focus in the U.S., but progress toward its adoption has been significantly delayed over the years due to technological problems and concerns regarding cost. Awareness and education are quickly becoming powerful tools that can overcome these problems and help renewable energy establish a stronger presence in the U.S. The new course being offered…

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Hydrogen fuel may be the death of the electric vehicle

hydrogen fuel death of electric vehicles

 Hydrogen fuel may soon trump lithium-ion batteries The transportation and alternative energy communities have been abuzz with the recent partnership formed by Daimler, Ford, and Nissan concerning the development of hydrogen fuel cell technologies. Advocates of clean transportation are heralding the partnership as a step in the right direction for the auto industry’s focus on hydrogen fuel. Some suggest, however, that this partnership signals the approaching demise of electric vehicles, at least those powered by lithium-ion batteries. Electric vehicles continue to struggle with challenges Electric vehicles have long been plagued…

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GE Global Research makes breakthrough in clean transportation

Clean Transportation Technology

GE Global Research improves public transportation with new technology There has been a lot of buzz surrounding alternative energy and its use in public transportation. Using alternative energy as a power source for public transportation is becoming a very popular idea because of the economic gains that can be had. Using renewable power means that cities will have to spend less on fueling their transit system, thus providing them with more money to devote to other ventures. Clean transportation also means a healthier environment. Researchers from GE Global Research, the…

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Hydrogen fuel cells may be common in transportation in near future

Hydrogen Fuel Cells Report

Report highlights potential for hydrogen fuel cells to go mainstream The auto industry has succumb to an intense fascination with hydrogen fuel cells. Many automakers throughout the world are faced with emissions regulations and standards imposed upon them by governments. These standards are pressuring these companies to develop vehicles that produce less CO2 emissions and consume less fuel. Hydrogen fuel cells have become the ideal energy system the continuing endeavor to comply with the world’s governments, and Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai are expected to be the first companies to bring…

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Plug Power provides more fuel cells to Procter & Gamble

Fuel Cells Partnership with P&G - Procter & Gamble Headquaters

  Plug Power announces new deal with Procter & Gamble Plug Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has been the subject of growing popularity recently. Last month, the company was selected by the U.S. Department of Energy for an ambitious hydrogen fuel-based project. Now, the company is receiving more attention from the retail industry, which is has served extensively over the past several years. Plug Power has announced that Procter & Gamble, one of the world’s largest retail companies, has submitted a new order for the company’s GenDrive…

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Hydrogen fuel cells to be tested in Germany

Hydrogen Fuel Cells Tested in Germany

Hydrogen fuel cells used in pilot project for communications systems A new pilot project is taking root in Germany which focuses on using a hydrogen fuel cell system to power police and emergency communications throughout the country. Should the communications systems that police and emergency service providers rely on fail, the government predicts chaos and widespread panic as people would no longer be able to get the help they need in emergency situations. A communications system can easily be taken out by a strong natural disaster, such as a hurricane…

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Axane fuel cells reach major milestone

Renewable Energy Success

  Axane stationary fuel cells clock more than 12,000 hours of operation Axane, a subsidiary of Air Liquide and developer of hydrogen fuel cell systems, has reached a major milestone this week with its innovative energy systems. The company’s stationary fuel cells have become quite popular in numerous industries, especially those that require large amounts of electrical power. Axane specializes in building 2.5 kilowatt fuel cells, which have now surpassed more than 12,000 hours of operation throughout the world. This milestone makes Azane fuel cells some of the most popular…

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Hydrogenics finalizes massive sale of hydrogen propulsion technology

Hydrogenics Hydrogen Propulsion Technology News

Hydrogenics agrees to $90 million deal Hydrogenics, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells based in Canada, has received the single largest order in its history. The company has agreed to sell approximately $90 million worth of its hydrogen propulsion systems to a leading OEM. The customer has yet to be identified, but the deal signifies a major step forward for the company in terms of profitability and the commercialization of its hydrogen energy systems. As per the agreement with the unidentified OEM, Hydrogenics will supply the needed products over…

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Hydrogen fuel cells coming to Canadian Coast Guard ships

Canadian Coast Guard - This is not a hydrogen fuel cell ship

*This is not a hydrogen fuel ship New ships to be equipped with hydrogen fuel cells The Canadian Coast Guard is set to get a series of new hydrogen fuel cells to power three offshore science vessels. The Canadian government has issued a call for the design of these fuel cells. The government plans to provide $332,000 for an initiative that will be responsible for examining the viability of integrating hydrogen fuel cell technology into new ships. The new fuel cells will help the Coast Guard become more environmentally friendly,…

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New energy production technology validated by scientific and academic sources

=Support for renewable energy

New technology could make hydrogen fuel cells more viable BlackLight Power Inc., a leading developer of innovative energy technologies, has announced that its breakthrough energy production technology concerning stable hydrogen fuel has won validation from leading scientific and academic sources. The company calls this production method its “Hydrino theory,” which encompasses its goals in converting water vapor into usable hydrogen gas. The theory has been tested by leading academic and industry experts who have all validated BlackLight’s process and deemed it effective for energy production. This breakthrough could open up…

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