Plug Power and MOL Group’s Collaborative H2 Plant Promises Immediate Environmental Triumphs

Plug Power and MOL Group’s Collaborative H2 Plant Promises Immediate Environmental Triumphs

April 15, 2024 0 By Alicia Moore

Plug Power and MOL Group Set to Inaugurate a Major Green Hydrogen Plant

In an era where climate action has become critical, two influential companies are taking a significant step forward. Plug Power, a leader in hydrogen fuel cell manufacturing, is collaborating with MOL Group, Central and Eastern Europe’s integrated oil and gas giant, to inaugurate an advanced green hydrogen production facility that could have an environmental impact equivalent to removing around 5,500 cars from the roads – immediately once up and running. Work is expected to begin the later part of this year.

A Leap into Sustainable Energy by MOL Group

MOL Group’s investment in a €22 million green hydrogen plant represents a significant move toward sustainability. Situated in Százhalombatta, the facility boasts a cutting-edge 10-megawatt electrolysis unit supplied by Plug Power. This unit is expected to churn out approximately 1,600 tonnes of green hydrogen annually.

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Bridging Traditional Energy and Green Innovation

The green hydrogen plant’s inauguration signifies a significant transformation for MOL Group, highlighting its evolution toward sustainability within the energy sector. With its headquarters in Budapest, Hungary, MOL Group expands its reach beyond local boundaries, operating in over 30 countries and employing a global workforce of 25,000 individuals. This move towards green hydrogen is a critical pivot in MOL’s long-standing history of approximately 80 years, traditionally anchored in the oil and gas industry. This strategic shift not only reflects a change in energy production technologies but also represents MOL’s forward-looking approach to its business and environmental responsibilities.

Strategic Growth and Technological Advancement

József Molnár, CEO of MOL Group, highlighted the plant’s strategic role in their SHAPE TOMORROW strategy, aiming to increase sustainability while ensuring competitiveness and regional self-sufficiency. Expanding on this project, he remarked, “Starting with Százhalombatta, we plan to extend this technology to the other two fuel production units within the group, aiming to enhance the sustainability of fuel production processes across all MOL Group refineries.”

Industry Impact and Vision

The industry significance of the plant cannot be overstated, with both reduction in reliance on natural gas and a potential decrease in carbon dioxide emissions by a sixth. Furthermore, this pioneering project reflects MOL Group’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, aiming for over 25,000 tonnes of CO2 saved each year.

Plug Power and MOL Group: A Partnership for the Futurehydrogen news ebook

Andy Marsh, CEO of Plug Power, comments on the collaboration, “We are excited to mark the opening of one of Europe’s largest green hydrogen plants in collaboration with MOL.” He further emphasized the plant’s alignment with their vision to reduce carbon emissions and foster greener refinery practices.


While MOL Group propels forward with its ambitions of a greener future through its sophisticated green hydrogen plant, Plug Power navigates the complexities of a transitioning energy sector. Amidst the stock market volatility and the industry pressures that led to a strategic reassessment with layoffs of 100 employees on the west coast, Plug Power remains steadfast. The company sees a silver lining with recent federal funds from the Energy Department’s $750 million push to accelerate the clean hydrogen economy. This collaboration between MOL Group and Plug Power signals a promising shift towards carbon neutrality and technological prowess within energy and fuel production sectors.

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