Companies may join together to build new hydrogen fuel tanks in Japan

Hexagon Lincoln and Mitsui & Co. consider partnership to develop new fuel tanks for clean vehicles Manufacturer Hexagon Lincoln has announced that it will be teaming with Mitsui & Co., a trade company based in Japan, to study the viability of launching a joint venture that would be meant to produce new hydrogen fuel tanks in Japan. The joint venture could become quite valuable to the auto industry, which has become more interested in clean vehicles that use hydrogen fuel cells to provide them with the power that they need…

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Hydrogen powered autorickshaws making the streets of Delhi cleaner

hydrogen powered autorickshaws are the new cleaner form of transportation

*This image is a regular autorickshaw, not a hydrogen powered autorickshaw Hydrogen powered autorickshaws could help solve the emissions problems of India Throughout India, autorickshaws transport people and goods from location to location. In the city of Delhi, tens of thousands of these autorickshaws operate at all hours of the day. They represent an important piece in the complex public transportation network of the city. Like buses and cars, the autorickshaws use conventional fuel to power themselves. As such, they contribute to the pollution problem of Delhi and the carbon…

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Applied Nanotech wins SBIR grant from US DOE

Hydrogenics Hydrogen Propulsion Technology News

Applied Nanotech wins $999,990 grant Applied Nanotech, a research and commercialization organization with a focus on nanotechnology, has been awarded the Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the U.S. Department of Energy. The $999,990 grant will help Applied Nanotech develop new, lightweight hydrogen fuel tanks that make use of carbon nanotubes. Nanotechnology has gotten a great deal of attention in the realm of hydrogen fuel because of its potential to solve the problems that exist in fuel cells and storage tanks. Grant to fund research and development…

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New sensory device accurately shows that pressure of hydrogen fuel tanks without danger of contaminant

Hydrogen Car

American Sensor Technologies, a developer of mechanical sensory devices, has developed a new product that caters to hydrogen-powered vehicles. Hydrogen has become the focus for the worldwide auto industry. The fuel is efficient, abundant and inexpensive, which makes it a viable and attractive alternative to oil. The fuel is also quite powerful, allowing automakers to create vehicles without having to sacrifice performance. One of the problems facing hydrogen adoption, however, is the lack of sufficient gauging devices that detail how pressurized fuel tanks are. The company says that its product…

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Purdue University research on hydrogen fuel storage looks very promising

Researchers at the Purdue University of Indiana have collaborated with scientists from General Atomics to create a new way to power hydrogen fuel cells. The technology was on display in the Indianapolis State House as part of Purdue Day and visitors were able to see the latest development in solid state hydrogen storage. Purdue claims that their safe and efficient technology will make portable hydrogen fuel cell units much more viable for commercial use. Researchers have made marble-sized pellets that contain a solid chemical compound that is impregnated with hydrogen…

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Major steps towards hydrogen fueling storage success

A new method for recycling hydrogen fuel storage material has been announced, making the possibility of hydrogen becoming a practical alternative to fossil-fuels more of a reality. Scientists at the University of Alabama have been experimenting with chemical compounds as a means for storing hydrogen on vehicles. One such compound, known as ammonia borane, has proven to be very promising for this purpose. If scientists can solve the complications surrounding effective hydrogen storage, the fuel will become viable for commercial use. “This is a critical step if we want to…

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New funding for U.S. hydrogen storage

The United States Department of Energy has announced a new program that will award up to $12 million in funding for the research and development of hydrogen storage technologies. The Fuel Cell Technologies Program is focused on encouraging advances in the field and to make hydrogen a more viable option of alternative fuel. Hydrogen fuel cells have garnered a lot of praise for their efficiency and powerful capabilities, but have largely been held back by inadequate storage technologies and costly manufacturing. The program has two specific topics of interest: Reducing…

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