Scientists discover new and cheaper hydrogen fuel production method

hydrogen fuel production - new water-splitting material - water

A unique catalyst can help harvest fuel from water. An inexpensive material has been developed for hydrogen fuel production by researchers from the University of Houston and the California Institute of Technology in the United States. This novel catalyst can help split water to produce hydrogen fuel without the need for an additional catalyst, ETEnergyWorld reported. The new catalyst performs both functions required to split water. Traditionally, in order to split water for hydrogen fuel production, it is a process that requires two catalysts. One is needed to create a…

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New technology could make hydrogen fuel production simpler

Researchers develop new photocathode that can produce hydrogen from sunlight A team of researchers from the HZB Institute for Solar Fuels has developed a new photocathode that is capable of producing hydrogen fuel through the consumption of sunlight. Using solar energy to generate hydrogen has become an attractive topic in the science community. Hydrogen fuel is becoming one of the more prominent forms of clean energy, with fuel cells gaining ground as primary energy systems. Conventional hydrogen production is, however, expensive and somewhat inefficient and hazardous to the environment. Using…

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DOE to issue funding for hydrogen fuel storage endeavors

Agency to invest in the development of better storage technologies for hydrogen The U.S. Department of Energy has announced that it will be investing $7 million in funding in order to promote improvements to hydrogen fuel storage and distribution. The federal agency has been growing more aggressive on the matter of fuel infrastructure in recent years, hoping to accommodate the major shifts that are occurring in the transportation landscape. Automakers have plans to launch a new generation of clean vehicles in the coming years, many of which will be powered…

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Linde North America joins hydrogen fuel advocacy partnership

Linde teams with H2USA to build infrastructure Linde North America, a member of the Linde Group, has announced that it has joined the H2USA partnership. H2USA is a public-private partnership from the Department of Energy with a goal of promoting the use of fuel cells in transportation and building a hydrogen fuel infrastructure. Linde has played a major role in the development of such an infrastructure in Europe and is keen to help the U.S. become more accommodating to fuel cell vehicles. Linde’s experience may be a boon for US…

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Hydrogen fuel cell car unveiled by Toyota for 2015

The auto manufacturer has just released information on the concept that will become a vehicle in two years. Toyota has just unveiled its latest concept that is to become a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle that will be available for purchase by consumers in 2015. Many of the major automakers are looking into this technology, though it had been ignored for a while. Other auto manufacturers aside from Toyota, including Hyundai and Honda, are bringing the concept of hydrogen fuel powered vehicles back into the spotlight. This, despite the fact that…

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Acta aims to bring hydrogen fuel technology to China

Acta teams with Sunwise to promote hydrogen feul Acta, a developer of clean technology, has announced that it has signed a non-exclusive distribution agreement with China’s Shanghai Sunwise Energy Systems, which develops hydrogen fuel technologies and deploys them throughout the country. Sunwise is one of the largest distributors of hydrogen fuel production and storage systems in the Chinese market. The company primarily provides these technologies to industrial clients, but Sunwise has also established a strong presence in the transportation sector as well. New technology may benefit mobile networks Through this…

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Fuji Electric introduces new hydrogen fuel production system

Hydrogen Fuel Production Japan

Fuji has high hopes for hydrogen fuel Fuji Electric, a massive electrical equipment and holding company based in Japan, has announced that it has developed a product designed specifically for hydrogen fuel production. This product is meant to be incorporated into existing fuel cell products in order to make them more alluring to the Japanese market. Hydrogen fuel has managed to capture a great deal of interest in this market, but much of this has been reserved to the transportation sector. Fuji Electric believes that there are many promising opportunities…

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Artificial leaf continues to make hydrogen fuel more viable

Hydrogen Fuel

Hydrogen fuel continues to see progress thanks to artificial leaf In 2011, Daniel Nocera, a professor of energy and chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), along with his team of researchers, produced the world’s first practical artificial leaf. This artificial leaf successfully mimics the process of photosynthesis, converting sunlight into hydrogen fuel in a manner that is neither energy intensive nor inefficient. The creation of the artificial leaf was heralded as a major success in the world of science as mimicking photosynthesis has long been considered the proverbial…

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Hydrogen fuel production made less expensive by Proton OnSite

Hydrogen fuel generator system

Proton OnSite succeeds in making hydrogen fuel production less expensive Proton OnSite, a leading developer of gas generators and energy systems, has been making significant progress toward its goal of making hydrogen fuel production less expensive. The company has become a staunch advocate of hydrogen fuel as a storage medium for other forms of energy. As such, Proton OnSite has been working to improve its line of electrolyzers in order to make hydrogen fuel production a less costly endeavor. The company has announced significant success in this venture. Company lowers…

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Hydrogen fuel may benefit through new business acquisition

Hydrogen Fuel - Organizations team up

Proton acquires SPower, opening new markets to hydrogen fuel Proton Power Systems, a company that specializes in the development of hydrogen-powered vehicles and fuel cell technology, has announced its acquisition of SPower Holding GmbH, a renewable energy company based in Germany. Proton Power Systems has been making significant progress in the hydrogen fuel business, with many of its vehicles attraction international acclaim for their efficiency and performance. The acquisition of SPower and its subsidiaries may help further the success that the company has been seeing in recent months. Merger paves…

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Hydrogen fuel produced through new hybrid technology system

Fuel Cell Vehicles - University of Delaware

Hybrid technology could hold the key to efficient hydrogen fuel production Hybrid technology, in the realm of alternative energy, refers to the combination of two or more forms of clean energy technology. This combination of technologies has become a very popular field of research in the alternative energy space because it has the potential to drastically reduce the cost of renewable power systems and make them truly carbon neutral. Hydrogen fuel has been subjected to extensive research and development in terms of hybrid technology because of the high cost of…

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Hydrogen fuel finds success in materials handling

Hydrogen Fuel Materials Handling

ITM Power continues introducing hydrogen fuel to the materials handling space ITM Power, a leading hydrogen fuel cell manufacturer, has been finding success in the beleaguered fuel cell industry through its focus on the materials handling space. For the past two years, this sector has been very active in  terms of hydrogen fuel cells. Forklift trucks and similar vehicles have long run on lead-acid batteries, which are on the verge of obsolescence thanks to new technologies. IN an effort to cut energy costs without sacrificing performance, many companies have been…

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Hydrogen fuel gets more attention from the UK

Hydrogen Fuel Transportation UK

UK continues strong focus on hydrogen fuel Hydrogen fuel is becoming more and more prominent around the world when it comes to transportation. Fuel cells, which use hydrogen fuel to generate electricity the power the various machinations of a vehicle, have made significant technological strides over the past two years. While some automakers suggest that hydrogen-powered vehicles may not be ready until 2020, the auto industry as a whole is pushing for the development of a hydrogen fuel infrastructure today. The United Kingdom is one of the countries that has…

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Hydrogen fuel research may benefit from shift in auto industry

Hydrogen Fuel Research Auto Industry

Automakers come together to solve the problems of hydrogen fuel Last week, Ford, Daimler, and Nissan joined forces to make progress in the field of hydrogen fuel cell technology. Each of the companies has an ambitious goal in mind in terms of hydrogen transportation, but each has also been faces with challenges that threaten to derail these goals. The automakers decided to team up in order to overcome some of these challenges and introduce new standards to hydrogen fuel cell technology as a whole. This may be very good news…

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Hydrogen fuel cells may get cheaper thanks to new catalyst process

Solar Energy Market - Research

Hydrogen fuel cells receive criticism due to cost Recently, the U.S. discovered that it was home to a massive amount of natural gas, which is contained in shale deposits founds throughout the country. With an abundant source of natural gas, hydrogen fuel cells are likely to find powerful traction in the country, especially in regards to transportation. Fuel cells have become a major focus of the auto industry in recent years, with most major automakers planning to commercialize hydrogen-powered vehicles by 2015. There is, of course, the issue of cost…

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AlumiFuel announces partnership with Genport

Hydrogen Fuel News - AlumiFuel partnership with Genport

AlumiFuel and Genport establish joint venture in US AlumiFuel Power Technologies, a leading hydrogen production company and subsidiary of AlumiFuel Power Corporation, has announced that it has signed a Technology Development Agreement with Genport North America, a hybrid energy company. Per the agreement, both companies will combine their resources to set up a joint venture in the U.S. This venture will be focused on the development of back-up and portable power systems. The venture will also help the companies break into new markets in the U.S. and Europe. Companies combine…

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