World’s First mobile liquid hydrogen refueling station launched

Mobile liquid hydrogen refueling station - Car refueling at Gas Station

Hylium Industries Inc. seeks to help resolve the hydrogen fueling stations shortage. The South Korean-based company that aims to be the leader in worldwide liquid hydrogen power technologies, has released the first-ever mobile liquid hydrogen refueling station. What’s more, the K-ICT Born2Global Centre, which throws its support behind promising technology companies who strive to enter global markets, announced that it expects the mobile hydrogen fuel station will play a significant role in resolving the hydrogen fuel station shortage in Korea and overseas. Hylium’s station manages to efficiently and safely store…

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Norway’s third hydrogen station finds a home in Oslo

Hydrogen Refueling Station

A third hydrogen fuel station has taken root in Oslo, Norway, last month. The capital is home to the country’s densest collection of hydrogen-powered vehicles and is looking to prepare the roads for new vehicles coming in 2013. To mark the occasion, Korean automaker Hyundai brought two fuel cell vehicles to the region. The third fueling station will help establish hydrogen infrastructure currently being built throughout Europe, which is often referred to as the Hydrogen Highway. While Norway’s hydrogen fleet is entirely comprised of 17 vehicles, more cars are expected…

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UK’s first hydrogen refueling station to open in September of this year, thanks to Honda

Honda Hydrogen Fuel

The United Kingdom’s first commercial hydrogen fueling station is scheduled to open in Swindon this September. The station will take root at Honda’s South Marston plant and will be open for public use at all hours of the day. Honda boasts as the first car manufacturer to introduce a fuel cell vehicle to the commercial market in the form of the FCX Clarity. The fueling station is a major step forward in the UK’s efforts to establish an infrastructure that will support hydrogen powered transportation. Forward Swindon, an organization focused…

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Hydrogenics sends powerful hydrogen generation electrolyzer to new German fuel station

Hydrogen Fueling Station Hamberg Germany

The Hydrogenics Corporation, developers of hydrogen generation and fuel cell products, will be supplying a new hydrogen fueling station in southern Germany with one of its HySTAT electrolyzers, a powerful hydrogen generation system. The unit will arrive at the station at the end of this year and will be fully operational, along with the fueling station, next year. Hydrogenics, along with several other hydrogen-centric companies in the world, are pushing to establish a hydrogen infrastructure that will support the incoming wave of fuel cell vehicles. He HySTAT is capable of…

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General Motors opens new technology center in California

GM Hydrogen Fuel Cell - GM Technology Center California

General Motors has been a supporter of hydrogen fuel for some time now. While not as vocal in their advocacy for the alternative fuel as their colleagues Toyota and Hondo, the auto manufacture has labored for the adoption and expansion of hydrogen fuel cell technology. GM has unveiled a new technical center in Torrance, California, this week. The facility will focus on research and development of fuel cells and other alternative fueling methods for GM’s vehicles. The actual facility has been around for several years, but was not used for…

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Three California hydrogen fuel stations soon to open

Two years ago, plans for California’s Hydrogen Highway were unveiled by the California Fuel Cell Partnership, a coalition of companies and enterprising individuals that are committed to making hydrogen power a reality. Initially, the group had prospects of opening 46 hydrogen fueling stations by the beginning of 2014. Until recently, the state of fuel cell technology had shown that that deadline may have been too optimistic, prompting the group to shift their estimates to a year later – 2015. Now, the group, along with the California Energy Commission, will be…

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New hydrogen fuel cell station grand opening

The first ever multi-use industrial park hydrogen fueling station in South Carolina is now up and running after the ribbon cutting that was held on Friday. Several people attended the said event including representatives from the Department of Energy, some officials, professionals and community members. The fueling station is expected to service the area’s commercial, government and industrial uses. This project started in August 2007 with a deal between GENCO ATC and Kimberly Clark. The partnership led to the development of the fuel station in the Sage Mill Industrial Park which includes…

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