UK to invest $27 million in a promising hydrogen future

UK Hydrogen Future Investment - UK - British Pounds - GBP

Government announces $27 million in funding to help promote hydrogen fuel The United Kingdom may become home to the next great hydrogen economy, as the government announces some $27 million in funding to aid in the adoption of fuel cells and a brighter hydrogen future in general. The funding could help hydrogen establish a strong foothold in the country. The UK’s hydrogen community is currently quite small, largely due to the high costs associated with fuel cells and hydrogen production. The government hopes to change this however by funneling more…

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Oahu…The Next Iceland?

Testing the viability of hydrogen powered cars has been something of a challenge. There are relatively few places in the U.S. that are suited for the testing of vehicles is often held back by the lack of sufficient access to hydrogen. Refueling stations in the nation are sparse. Car manufacturers can opt to procure the hydrogen needed to extensive testing themselves, but this will provide little analytic data regarding the commercial viability of the fuel. Many experts in the field have long held the belief that in order for hydrogen…

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