One of a kind hydrogen-powered ship sets sail on six year sea voyage

Energy Observer - Hydrogen-powered ship

Toyota is sponsoring the six-year world tour. Energy Observer is an autonomous hydrogen-powered ship on a six-year world tour, the first in the world. The project is being sponsored by Toyota, which is well-known for supporting a hydrogen society. Toyota has used hydrogen to help power land vehicles, including forklifts, trucks, buses and their hydrogen car, the Toyota Mirai. The unique boat is powered by renewable energy. The one-of-a-kind ship is a race boat that is more than a mere hydrogen-powered ship. It has been specially adapted so that it…

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Researchers from the University of Birmingham show that hydrogen fuel can be quite useful in shipping

Hydrogen Powered Canal Boat

Engineers from the United Kingdom’s University of Birmingham have built a canal boat that runs on hydrogen fuel cells. The boat is part of a project that is meant to show the viability of hydrogen fuel in maritime operations. Hydrogen is often considered one of the most efficient and powerful variants of alternative energy, a claim that is supported by the fabled performance of fuel cells. For shipping, hydrogen presents a particular benefit in that bigger, stronger fuel cells can be used as most ships are not burdened by the…

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