Scientists develop a new microbial fuel cell that requires no external energy source

New fuel cell system is the first of its kind A team of scientists from the Iowa State University have, for the first time, developed a microbial fuel cell that is not reliant on external power to operate. The new fuel cell is the first of its kind and could have major implications for the fuel cell industry as a whole in the future. The energy system currently exists in a proof-of-concept stage, but has shown significant promise in its ability to generate electricity. Microbial fuel cells could be viable…

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New project aims to improve wind energy manufacturing

Partnership aims to make the development of wind turbines more efficient and less expensive A new project has been launched by Sandia National Laboratories, Iowa State University, and TPI Composites. Together, these organizations aim to improve the productivity of wind turbines and their manufacturing process. The Advanced Manufacturing Initiative, as the project is called, could go a long way in making wind energy more attractive in the U.S. The project itself is comprised of 22 smaller initiatives that focus on specific aspects of wind power. Wind turbines are notoriously expensive,…

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New computer modeling system can help engineers sculpt engines

Alternative Energy News

Alternative energy is often a staunchly political issue. As such, politics regularly keep alternative energy from mass adoption. Politics are not the only roadblock, of course, and one of the most daunting challenges of alternative energy is much more practical. Efficiency has long eluded sustainable energy systems. Systems that require large amounts of energy to produce small amounts of electricity or ones that cannot effectively store and preserve generated electricity has kept alternative energy at bay for years. Now, Dionysios Aliprantis, an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at…

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