Science breakthrough could result in cheaper solar power

Molecules that contain iron could capture energy from sunlight. Swedish researchers from Lund University have discovered a new method for capturing energy from sunlight that involves the use of molecules that contain iron, and their discovery may lead to cheaper and more eco-friendly solar power applications. The researchers have produced an iron-based dye capable of transforming sunlight into electrons. Researchers from Lund University’s Chemistry Department collaborated with Uppsala University, and successfully produced an iron-based dye that can convert light into electrons with almost 100 percent efficiency. According to a press…

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Researchers develop a supersonic solar fuel cell

Research team develops a new type of fuel cell that collects solar energy A team of researchers from Sweden’s Lund University is currently developing what they refer to as a “supersonic solar fuel cell.” This fuel cell is meant to mimic the photosynthetic process, deriving electrical power from the sun to produce hydrogen fuel, which is then consumed to produce electricity. Currently, much of the world’s supply of hydrogen fuel is produced through the consumption of natural gas, which is a type of fossil-fuel. This makes hydrogen somewhat environmentally hazardous…

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Ash as a source of hydrogen fuel

Ash Hydrogen Fuel Production

Hydrogen fuel production challenges may be overcome through the use of ash Hydrogen fuel is becoming increasingly important in the world of renewable energy. Not only is the auto industry aggressively adopting the use of fuel cells, hydrogen fuel seeing high demand in various industrial applications that require massive amounts of electrical power. While demand for hydrogen fuel is on the rise, a problem exists with supply. Conventional hydrogen fuel productions methods are not capable of meeting the demand that is currently facing the renewable energy sector. The solution to…

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