Alternative energy adoption encouraged in the Middle East by new deal

Two green energy companies partner to promote renewable energy in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. According to reports, the two firms, King Abdullah City for Atomic Renewable Energy (KACARE), from Saudi Arabia, and Masdar, from Abu Dhabi, have agreed to jointly invest in green technology investment funds and alternative energy projects in the two regions. The two firms are anticipated to create opportunities for advanced clean technology research and development. The primary focus of the collaborative research and development efforts are being placed on the renewable energy sources solar, water…

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Middle East moves to embrace solar energy

Middle Eastern countries are growing fonder of renewable energy As more of the world’s nations begin to focus more heavily on renewable energy, the future of fossil-fuel is becoming uncertain. This could have major economic implications for countries that have long relied on the business involved in supplying other nations with oil. Much of the world’s oil currently comes from Middle Eastern countries, such as Saudi Arabia. While these countries have access to significant amounts of oil, they too are feeling the pressure to embrace clean power more aggressively. For…

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Seychelles completes first renewable energy project

Seychelles - Renewable Energy

Renewable energy project in Seychelles makes headlines It is not often that small countries make alternative energy news, but such has happened recently off the coast of Africa. Seychelles is a 115-island country just north of Madagascar and off the coast of eastern Africa. The country receives relatively little attention, as most small countries do, but it has been making strong progress in the field of renewable energy and has made alternative energy news headlines. This week marks the completion of the country’s first renewable energy project, called the Port…

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The London Array begins generating electricity

Wind Energy Research

The London Array is activated The London Array, a massive offshore wind farm that will be the largest of its kind in the world once it is completed, has begun generating electricity. Construction of the massive wind farm, which is located off the coasts of Kent and Essex in the Thames Estuary, began in early 2011. More than 151 wind turbines have been installed in The London Array since then. The London Array is expected to receive the last of its wind turbines by the end of this year. Wind…

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