Portable recycling machine could help deal with the plastic waste problem

portable recycling machine - plastic waste in water

A DIY recycling machine is small enough to travel in the back of a ute. A group of engineering students from one of Australia’s leading universities, Monash University, have created a portable recycling machine that can breakdown plastic bottles, bags, trays and containers and convert them into anything that can be made in a mold. The machine is small enough that it can fit on the back of a utility vehicle, commonly called a ute in Australia. The students took on the challenge to create the machine as part of…

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Researchers make progress on artificial leaf that can produce hydrogen fuel

Artificial leaf uses solar energy to generate the electricity needed to produce hydrogen fuel Researchers from Monash University in Australia have developed an artificial leaf that may be close to seeing use in homes and businesses. The artificial leaf is designed to absorb sunlight to produce hydrogen fuel, which can then be used to generate electrical power. According to researchers, the artificial leaf is capable of producing more hydrogen than its previous iterations, which may make it a very attractive hydrogen fuel production solution. Researchers focus on making the artificial…

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Researchers use solar energy to produce hydrogen fuel

New device can collect solar power to generate hydrogen fuel Researchers from Australia’s Monash University have found a way to make artificial photosynthesis practical. The research team claims to have developed a device that can use sunlight to produce hydrogen fuel with unprecedented efficiency. The device could unlock a more promising future for fuel cell vehicles, which are becoming more popular among consumers, but have yet see a widespread commercial release. Using sunlight to produce hydrogen is typically considered one of the most environmentally friendly ways to produce the fuel.…

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