Solar energy in Montana reaches new milestone

Sunshine on Montana Country Road

Montana quadruples its solar energy capacity Montana has made significant progress in its efforts to embrace solar energy. Over the past year, the state has quadrupled its solar capacity, installing 6.6 megawatts of solar power. The state’s energy plan, called Montana Energy Future, has provided strong support for solar power. This support has made it easier for new solar projects to take form. The plan now aims to double the state’s solar capacity by 2025. Solar sector is making significant progress throughout the state Solar energy has become a primary…

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Solar energy industry is leading job growth in Montana

Solar Energy Industry - Montana Landscap at Sunset

Montana is experiencing a surge in its solar energy industry Solar energy has had a successful year so far in 2017. Last year, the state ranked 40th in the country in terms of renewable energy job growth. Now, however, the growth of the solar energy industry during the first half of this year has set the state on course to reaching 22nd in clean job growth. The solar energy industry has powered job growth in the state, creating new economic opportunities and allowing the state to become more energy independent.…

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Cypress Creek looks to build a new solar energy system in Montana

New solar energy project could take form in Missoula A new utility-scale solar energy system may be taking form in Missoula, Montana. Cypress Creek Renewables, a California-based energy developer, is looking to develop various types of projects throughout the country. The developer has set its sights on Montana, where solar energy is beginning to gain more support from both the state government and the private sector. The proposed solar project in Missoula would cover 40 acres and generate 3 megawatts of electricity, which is enough to power approximately 540 homes.…

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Geothermal energy is gaining more attention in Montana

Legislation could increase geothermal energy capacity in Montana Montana may soon be tapping into its geothermal energy resources thanks to new legislation introduced by Senator Jon Tester. The state is home to a great deal of geothermal potential, which could be used to ensure Montana’s energy independence and make the state more environmentally friendly. Senator Jon Tester believes that developing the state’s geothermal resources will also improve the economy, creating new job opportunities for many people throughout Montana. New legislation will make it easier for companies to compete for leases…

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Geothermal power development could come to Montana

A new Geothermal Energy Opportunity Act was introduced in the state. Montana Senator Jon Tester has introduced a bill that would promote geothermal power development in oil fields in the state, which would essentially encourage developers to make use of the hot water they naturally pull up from the ground during the oil and gas production process, and produce electricity, as well as heat for buildings, reported the Great Falls Tribune. Montana has plenty of geothermal potential. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the state has over 25,000…

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