Researchers develop new device that could make hydrogen production more efficient

Hydrogen Production - solar energy, water, Image of sunlight below water

New device harnesses sunlight to generate hydrogen A team of researchers from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and the University of Michigan have developed a new, stable artificial photosynthesis device that could make hydrogen production significantly more efficient. The device makes use of a method called direct water splitting. Unlike conventional hydrogen production methods, the new device will only make use of water and sunlight. Researchers believe that the new device will help make hydrogen less expensive and more attractive to several sectors. Researchers believe that the new device could…

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Quebec aims to embrace hydrogen fuel cells to promote clean transportation

Province wants more people to purchase clean vehicles as part of its energy strategy Quebec, Canada, is preparing itself to embrace clean transportation more aggressively. The Quebec government has begun to push for the adoption of clean vehicles, which is part of its overarching energy strategy. The strategy was introduced earlier this year. Quebec intends to cut the use of fossil-fuels by 40% by 2030. Notably, hydrogen fuel cells may play a significant role in the province’s push for clean transportation. These energy systems have become quite important in the…

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Canadian city seeks to build largest ozonation wastewater treatment facility

Montreal intends to begin purifying sewage water using ozone in 2018. Canada’s second largest city, an island located in the province of Quebec, recently announced a $99 million construction contract to build what will be the world’s largest ozonation wastewater treatment center, which is anticipated to cost $285 million once completed and will be located at the J.R.-Marcotte water and sewage treatment plant in Point-aux Trembles, reported the Montreal Gazette. The treatment center is expected to be able to clean 2.6 million cubic liters of water every day. Once the…

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