New Jersey declared top US green energy economy

Green Energy Economy - New Jersey - City Skyline

Governor Phil Murphy recently signed a clean energy bill into law, pushing the state ahead. New Jersey was catapulted back into the top green energy economy spot in the United States this month. When Governor Murphy signed a new clean energy bill into law it took the state back into the coveted top policy leadership spot. The state had lost its position in the lead when Chris Christie was governor of the state. New Jersey’s green energy economy had fallen into a multi-year stagnant state under Governor Christie. That said,…

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NJ family’s green building successfully melts snow via a geothermal/solar system

The Parikh family kept their driveway snow-free via a renewable power system. While many residents in the New Jersey counties Bergen and Passaic had to shovel huge amounts of snow (over 2 feet of snow in some areas) from their driveways that Winter Storm Jonas left in its wake, the Parikh family wasn’t among them. Living in a green building, this family’s eco-friendly home is equipped with a heated driveway and walkways, featuring a unique geothermal/solar system, which melted the snow an inch and a half per hour, eventually leaving…

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New Jersey has the most offshore wind energy potential in the U.S.

Rapidly expanding wind energy off the New Jersey shore could eliminate a mass amount of carbon pollution in four years. According to a new Environment New Jersey Research and Policy Center report, called “Turning the Wind”, of all the states in the U.S., New Jersey has the highest potential for offshore wind energy production and that, by 2020, if wind power is rapidly expanded off the state’s shore, it could eliminate carbon pollution equal to 1.1 million cars. In the next five years, up to 1,700 MW of wind energy…

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